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After a Rocket Strike in Egypt, 500 Czech Tourists Are Now Being Evacuated

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Chedok, a travel agency, is taking swift action to ensure the safety of approximately 500 Czech tourists in the Egyptian resort of Taba on the Red Sea. This proactive response comes in the wake of a rocket striking a medical facility overnight. The Czech Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Daniel Drake, conveyed this information to ČTK, a Czech news agency, and it was later affirmed by Katarína Pavlíková, a spokesperson for Čedok.


Pavlíková emphasized, “Our utmost priority is the well-being of our clients, and that’s why we’ve made the decision to conclude our tours in hotels around Taba, Egypt, ahead of schedule. Today, we are organizing charter flights to repatriate all 500 Czech tourists from the area back to the Czech Republic.” She reassured that all tourists are in good health and are being provided with information about their transfers to the airport. “We are currently managing the departures, and this coordination effort involves both our representatives and our local partners on the ground,” she added.

According to the ministry spokesperson, there are no foreign nationals among the injured individuals, including Czech citizens. Drake mentioned, “Based on information from Egyptian media and our own sources, it appears that six people may have sustained injuries.” It is worth noting that, within the entirety of Egypt, 2,580 Czech nationals are registered in the Drozd travel system. An official alert from the authorities is forthcoming.


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