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Czech Army is Preparing for a Black Scenario. A War with a Nuclear-Armed Adversary

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The Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, Karel Rehka, has informed commanders that the Czech army is preparing for a worst-case scenario, specifically a war involving nuclear weapons. He emphasized that relying on perpetual peace is not realistic and highlighted the growing potential for global escalation. Rehka mentioned that the Czech Republic’s membership in NATO is a significant advantage, and in the event of a conflict, the country would actively participate in defense.

Rehka also addressed the threat of international terrorism, emphasizing its importance alongside Russia as a major threat to NATO. He expressed confidence in the military’s ability to handle terrorism but stressed the need to reject any support for terrorism.

The Chief of the General Staff highlighted rising tensions in various regions, including the Indo-Pacific, where China’s actions are challenging the world order, and in Africa and the Western Balkans, with implications for European security. He mentioned ongoing military modernization efforts, including the adoption of Western technology and digitization, with plans to defend against ballistic missiles.

President Petr Pavel, in his role as head of state, warned about the conflict in the Middle East. He discussed the provocative actions of the Palestinian radical movement Hamas and the potential for the conflict to escalate globally, not only through physical warfare but also by dividing international public opinion. Pavel emphasized the importance of public support in military operations, even in seemingly clear situations.

Overall, the statements from the Czech military and political leaders underscore the challenges and potential threats they anticipate, emphasizing the need for preparedness and international cooperation.


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