Firefighters all over the country have had an extraordinarily busy day on Thursday. Their regular duties were multiplied by calls from civilians affected by dangerous wind conditions. Extreme weather was recorded especially in the western part of the Czech Republic. Strong winds caused not only trees to fall and branches to break but also power outages in some parts of the country, mostly in the Central Bohemian Region. Citizens also reported damaged roofs and surroundings of their dwelling. Fallen trees and branches caused a number of traffic complications. České Dráhy, a Czech railway company, warned that due to the extreme wind conditions, their trains might have to implement slower rides in order to prevent the safety of all passengers, whichContinue Reading

During an interview for Radio Impuls, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said that the current Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch plans to fill in a different political post after the elections. On the first of November, Adam Vojtěch will take on new responsibilities as the Czech ambassador in Finland. Vojtěch, who was first assigned the post of a minister in 2017, is the longest serving Minister of Health in the history of the Czech Republic. Although he resigned from the resort in September 2020 due to several complications with the covid pandemic and was temporarily replaced with Jan Blatný and Petr Arenberger, he returned to office earlier this year. The Prime Minister commented on the years during which Vojtěch was handlingContinue Reading

There are always at least some children in the school canteens that hesitate to finish their meal. The big pile of leftovers then just goes to waste. The schools themselves are in charge of collecting the gastro waste, usually as an additional expense in their budget. Recently, a number of Czech high schools joined a new project intended to increase the amount of sorted waste in Prague. Exactly twenty-eight schools across the city decided to be a part of the innovative idea. The project will be funded by the capital city. Therefore, it is very convenient for the schools to participate as they previously had to deal with the payment on their own. Prague decided to create the mentioned planContinue Reading

Several animal rescue stations across the Czech Republic have reported that they are currently in financially difficult situations. Over time, less individual investors and companies tend to take part in the animal rescue mission. Thus, the facilities are not receiving enough donations to maintain the upkeep. Since certain regional budgets have also been renewed, various facilities obtained considerably less funding than in the previous years. Moreover, the needed care services provided to their furry inhabitants are rising every day. As a result, thirty-five animal rescue institutions have to act under problematic conditions, most of them trying to cope with a critically low budget. According to a member of the board of the National Network of Rescue Stations, Zbyšek Karafiát, theContinue Reading

On Tuesday, the Ostrava Regional Court has decided that the construction of the D1 highway section near Přerov may continue. This ruling was made after citizen activists from the region sued to stop the construction of the noisy motorway near their homes. The motorway in the direction from Lipník nad Bečvou still ends just before the town of Přerov. The Directorate of Roads and Motorways (ŘSD) has been waiting for the approval of the last change in the land rights since 2017. In the meantime, ŘSD has at least alleviated the critical traffic situation in Přerov by building an overpass and a roundabout in Přerov itself. Nevertheless, the ultimate solution to the overflow of traffic in Přerov will be theContinue Reading

As during the last eight years, the end of September means that the Czech Beer Days are back. Beer is quite important to many Czechs, so it is no wonder that pubs and restaurants across the country have paired up with local breweries and organized a festival centred around the golden drink. According to the CEO of the Czech Association of Breweries and Malthouses Martina Ferencová, the Czech pub has been the centre of social life for centuries and beer plays a crucial role in it. The event seems to attract more beer producers and more beer enthusiasts every year. Some breweries even prepare special limited ales and lagers to celebrate. 33 breweries took part in this year’s ninth CzechContinue Reading

In just fifteen seconds, specialists took down a 162 meters high chimney shortly after 9am on Saturday morning. 75 kilograms of explosives and 250 were used to get down the construction that carried over ten thousand tons of weight. The chimney was a part of a former heating plant at Brandl in Liberecká street in Jablonec nad Nisou. It was the second highest building in the Liberec region. The city no longer needs the entire heating plant complex due to the overall modernization of the central heating system. Over a thousand individuals gathered behind the police tape on Liberecká street to watch the dynamite explode. According to the experts who were in charge of the demolition of the chimney andContinue Reading

The Industrial Palace in Prague Exhibition Grounds is now filled with thousands of books as the Book World Prague 2021 is in full swing. To reflect on the strong relations within the countries of the European Union, the Guest of Honour at this year’s festival is France. The country will present a showcase of French-speaking literature written by their greatly talented writers. The name Milan Kundera will be mentioned quite often as the Czech-French author symbolizes the non-political bond of the two countries. The International book fair and literary festival is the biggest celebration of books in the Czech Republic. The event took off on Thursday, September 23. All those who are eager to experience the unique atmosphere and enjoyContinue Reading

Many patients currently occupying hospital beds or those staying in quarantine may wonder whether they can still take part in deciding the future of this country by casting a vote. The answer is yes. Any Czech citizen who is unable to make it on October 8th and 9th and throw their election ballot in the box due to a reasonable excuse, they will be provided a proper opportunity to participate in the parliament election. People who will be in quarantine have two options to let their voice be heard. They can either throw in their ballot on October 6th in several drive-in voting stations in their region that will be open from 8am to 5pm or call the regional officeContinue Reading

The hospitalization of President Miloš Zeman is over. He was released from the Central Military Hospital in Prague on Wednesday before eleven o’clock in the morning. He spent eight nights in hospital. After his release, he waved to the present journalists and nodded when asked how he felt. The current stay in the hospital was the longest for Zeman during his entire time as President. Once released, the President was transported to the Presidential Residence in Lány, where he almost instantly got back to work. Around one o’clock in the afternoon, the Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for ANO) came to see him. “He just looked like a man who came back from the hospital. He was tired because heContinue Reading