Prague, January 28th, 2022  OBJECT:PARADISE, the Prague-based performance and poetics collective, is celebrating the release of their second studio album on Seattle-based record label Sifter Grim January 28th 2022. The objective of the record is to capture the aural experience of the collective’s interdisciplinary events which are in quest to answer, “what is poetry?” and, “does it exist”? The seven track album which spans genres of fee-jazz, world music, VHS sound bites, and other styles is presented in a composition to highlight the dialogue of noise and voice in the working-class, expat artist community of Prague: Žižkov. Curated by the collective’s Sound Director, Roksan Mandel, the record features over 20 Prague-based sound and language artists in discussions on themes ofContinue Reading

We are happy to report on Prague’s newest theater company, “the Prague Horrortheater”. Founded in 2011 as the “Cologne Horror Theater”, they showed tongue-in-cheek pieces in the tradition of the French horror theater Grand Guignol in the series of plays titled “Das Kabinett des Doktor Tumblety”, which covered the entire spectrum of the genre with a wide variety of focuses, until 2015 The group used different techniques – scenes were supplemented by monologues, sound recordings and read texts – to show the various facets of this genre of theater, from intimate chamber play-like horror stories to lurid short acts. They also adapted stories and legends from different countries: Victorian horror stories, Belle Époque literature, late medieval dramas, legends of theContinue Reading

In 2021, it’s undisputed that there is an abundance of ways to play our slot machines. Two main options that pop into your mind are your mobile phone and in a casino, also called land-based slot machines.  Whether you are seasoned in slots or new to the thrill, you might be wondering if there is any reason to choose one over the other at uk mobile slots. Are there any benefits for joining the millennials via your phone, or should you choose to stick with the local casino? We’ll do our best to evaluate the advantages of both and assist you in deciding the best place to make your wagers. Advantages of Online Slots Certain advantages come from staying atContinue Reading

Desc. The popularity of the beautiful game is something that goes beyond a particular point and it has landed with football betting being highly preferred in Prague. The beautiful game has admirers from around the world because it has always given the fans what they need and kept their spirits up. From tactics to skills, football has everything. However, today, we are not going to talk about the beauty of the game but the different aspects that run because of football. If you have been guessing, you need to know that we are talking about football betting and are here to explain why it is popular in Prague. While it is popular around the world, Prague remains a hotspot andContinue Reading

Desc. A list of some of the most wanted and some of the most played casino games that have also been tagged the most popular ones at the casino. Whether or not you have played casino games, you are bound to have heard about a few because some of these games are more famous than us. They have been played for years and continue to be explored by every other person who is making their first step towards learning casino gambling. Be it offline casino games or mobile phone casino games, a few of them remain popular and continue to be so. Hence, if you are yet to learn more about these games and understand why they are popular, theContinue Reading

Desc. Heading out on vacation to Prague? Here’s a quick guide on all that gambling can offer in the capital of the Czech Republic to help you explore the activity with ease. A city known for its lively nightlife and mind-blowing scenery would be ideal for gambling and that is the kind of place where you need to head out for vacation. While a summary of this sort does remind you of Vegas, we are not talking about the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. Instead, we are talking about the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’. Yes, that’s right. Prague is the perfect destination for gambling and there are over a dozen reasons to support that claim. However, you can’t gambleContinue Reading

Desc. Considering the fact that casinos have been around for years, it opens the door to interesting facts that require the world’s attention. Facts and figures relating to casinos can always sound interesting due to the historic background and the nature of some of the games that casinos host. While a simple fact cannot paint a complete picture, it does help one in understanding how the process moves forward or how a part of it does so.  With all these facts falling into the picture, the layer of interest that it attracts is beyond everything and the process of reading them one after the other is certainly going to make things count. It was Italy that started it all  ThereContinue Reading

            Over 170 teachers and professors from various schools all over the Czech Republic have gathered to improve their teaching methods in the history field, share their personal views regarding history education and learn more about various ideas of passing knowledge onto their students in ways that they are able to comprehend the new information and grasp the important principles of the discussed topic. On August 26th and 27th, The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes held their 12th summer school program. This year, the main thought circled around Why is history important to us?. These were some of the topic questions that guided the workshops: How do we decide what is important in history? What can we learnContinue Reading

The Peregrine Falcon is commonly accepted to be the fastest creature in the world, as it is able to reach the mind-boggling speeds of 300-350 kilometres per hour as it dives through the air to catch its prey. At this speed, these predators often kill their unsuspecting victims purely with the force of the impact. Evolution perfected their bodies for this purpose, as the crow-sized birds are able to fold their sharp-tipped wings and arrow-shaped tail into a shape aerodynamic enough to allow them to reach speeds that many cars do not even come close to. These majestic creatures are so dominant at their craft, that they managed to spread to every continent except Antarctica. However, they have recently beenContinue Reading

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Prostějov observatory, an Italian artist was hired to paint a mural on one of its walls. This was done as a part of the Street Art festival in Olomouc. During its 60 years of existence, the observatory helped popularize astronomy among the citizens of Prostějov. Even its opening day, August 12th 1961 was carried out in this theme. The construction of the observatory was largely carried out with the help of locals since 1955, so it only made sense for it to open on the day of the Vostok 1 flight, which carried  Yuri Gagarin into space, the first human to ever experience spaceflight. From then on, the observatory served as the hotspotContinue Reading