Czech members of parliament began discussing a bill on Thursday that would allow marriage between gay couples, putting the Czech Republic on the brink of being the 17th country in Europe to do so. While politicians discussed the bill inside parliament, outside on the street was the Aliance pro rodinu (Alliance For the Family) demonstrating in opposition to the bill. According to Jana Jochová, president of the organization, gay marriage will “open a Pandora’s box,” turning children into commodities and create an industry for child trafficking. “The state must not end the institution of marriage as we know it. The state must not allow child trafficking and support the rental of uteruses and the selling of embryos from economically weakContinue Reading

A Czech Film Review by Lee Robert Adams As Ronan Keating, that perennial purveyor of pop pap, once sang: “Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it” – that’s the happy-go-lucky ethos of Men in Hope‘s Rudolf (Bolek Polívka), an ageing lothario and Prague cabbie with 138 extra-marital affairs under his belt. He even had a very movie-land former career as an international rollercoaster designer, providing him ample opportunity to cheat on his wife, and gives us a handy metaphor for his attitude towards relationships. As a man who spent his life building fairground thrill rides, he knows all about the twists, turns, ups, downs and loop-the-loops that only an adulterous lifestyle can offer. Rudolf reasons that a well-timed affairContinue Reading