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The New Barbie Movie Has Boosted Sales of Barbie-themed Toys by 100% in the Czech Republic

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The recently released American film “Barbie” has sparked a surge of interest in Barbie toys, including dolls, cars, and horses, in the Czech Republic. According to a survey conducted by CTK among retailers, the increase in demand ranges from tens to hundreds of percent. The trend is not unique to Barbie; retailers report that Czech consumers are drawn to products inspired by popular series or movies. For instance, the launch of the Hogwarts Legacy computer game led to heightened interest in items related to the magical world of Harry Potter. spokesman, Jakub Charvát, revealed that licensed products featuring themes from Ice Kingdom, Star Wars, or Paw Patrol have also enjoyed long-term success across various categories, from school supplies to bedding. Sales of Barbie-branded goods surged by 53 percent in the past week compared to the previous week, with the e-shop even offering collector’s pieces of Barbie dolls and accessories at higher price points.

Toy shop Bambule sells hundreds of Barbie dolls each month, with favorites being color-changing dolls activated by hot water, mermaids, princesses, and dolls modeled after actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in connection with the newly released film. Jana Krčková, marketing director of Bambule, mentioned that Czechs typically spend up to CZK 1,000 on Barbie dolls and accessories outside the Christmas season.

The market also offers diverse Barbie dolls, such as firefighters, astronauts, and ones representing characters with disabilities, like a Barbie in a wheelchair. Eliska Čeřovská, a spokesperson for e-shop, believes that such diverse representation is essential for inclusiveness in the toy world and notes that the demand for the Barbie range has increased up to eight times since the film’s release.

While Lego building sets remain the most successful brand in the overall toy market, toys from movies and fairy tales have a special category on Interest in Barbie dolls on the online comparison site has risen by 38 percent in the past week, along with a 15 percent increase in demand for doll accessories like cars, clothes, and chairs., an e-shop specializing in fashion, has seen a surge in sales of pink clothes and accessories in recent weeks. Interestingly, this time, the demand is not solely driven by certain films or series; instead, there is a broader fascination with motifs related to movies in general, according to representatives from the company.



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