As more and more parents drive their offspring’s to school, the mornings on the streets near schools are slowly becoming more and more of a nightmare. Around the start of school, Prague’s narrow streets are filled with snakes of barely moving cars, as some parents drop their child off, and others choose to leave their car standing while they lead their child into the school building themselves. This is not only a scary situation for those parents who have no other choice but to drop their children off, but also for the climate, as running cars spend tens of minutes standing idle in the city. Furthermore, this morning chaos often leads to more accidents with pedestrians, who are mainly childrenContinue Reading

Despite the optimism stemming from the progress of the vaccination programme, we are still in a pandemic. The closing of the first school Prague since September 1st reminds us of that. Due to an increased number of cases within the school, local hygienic officers decided to close the Chmelnice Elementary School in Prague 3. While those who were not proven positive with a test can still engage in other social activities, all learning will take place online at least for the next 10 days. According to Václav Havelka, the director of the school, the length of mandatory online learning will depend on future decisions of hygienic officers. The decision to close the school came after 44 pupils and 13 teachersContinue Reading


Throughout the year we host a series of on-campus and virtual Open Days, led by our Admissions Team. Our lecturers and students also host specialist open events, for applicants to get greater insight into their programme. A full list of the Universities open days are listed here.Continue Reading

Original article was posted here: In June, graduates from Prague City University’s art programmes presented four exhibitions in physical and virtual forms. So what did art critic Barbora Čapová take away from these? In recent times the pandemic has caused cultural limitations but its also accelerated a new era of art presentation – an era in which the physical environment cannot be completely separated from the virtual environment. The graduating students of Prague City University had to devise the best ways to present their work which led to interesting experimental elements. The students also combined contemporary art and design. This interdisciplinary approach was managed very intuitively and showed they can think outside set parameters. The exhibitions commented on currentContinue Reading

Every year, Czech university faculties in Prague select a number of exceptional students currently enrolled in bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees that have shown outstanding performances and creative work in their particular field. The chosen ones are annually honored with the Josef Hlávka Award, which they solemnly receive at Lužany Castle, designed by Hlávka himself. All recipients must be under the age of 33. The award consists of a diploma and a donation of 25 000 Czech Crowns to each gifted student. Josef Hlávka was a Czech architect, builder, philanthropist and founder of the oldest Czech foundation for sciences and arts loosely translated as the Talent of Josef, Marie and Zdeňka Hlávkovi. On account of the uncontrolled spreading of theContinue Reading

The University of New York in Prague is the leading English-language university in the Czech Republic. This private institution has been offering higher quality education and an exceptional study environment to Czech and international students since 1988. The cosmopolitan ways of the university are enhanced by multiple important partnerships. They are proud of their long term collaboration with the State University of New York, Empire State College and several European universities. To broaden the possibilities of their students even more, the prestigious Czech university has announced three new partnerships. On Thursday September 2nd, UNYP held a press conference for the announcement with the presence of eight special guests. The first guest that addressed the audience with a short speech wasContinue Reading

The 1st of September signifies the start of a new school year for Czech students. On their first day, most students, except the first grade newcomers, will undergo the first part of the screening covid testing. First graders will be tested on Thursday, September 2nd. The overall testing will continue on September 6th and 9th. The Ministry of Health is hoping that the test results will help to determine further process of school covid regulations for the fall season. The idea behind the screening testing is to detect an exact number of positive tested students. If there are over 25 positive test results for every 100 000 tested students, then the particular region will continue weekly testing. Only a handfulContinue Reading

In the past, the Czech Republic has been fighting with the shortage of medics over and over again. In the near future, Czech might be facing a serious lack of general nurses once again. The analysis results, provided by several Czech universities, show that there are many young students interested in following a path of becoming a nurse, however, the problem is that many universities have a limited number of students they are able to accept. According to research, it seems that way more students would like to choose the career of a nurse than before the covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, nursing schools all over the country report an excessive number of this year’s applicants. Thus, the Ministry of Health isContinue Reading

Join our Admissions team on Zoom and hear about all the exciting aspects of Prague City University that you can experience as a student. Learn about our programmes including the new School of Education offerings, and what you can expect when you study with us. This is your chance to ask any questions that you may have and hear about the steps you need to take to start studying on 27 September. Register ahead on our Open Day page here: look forward to meeting you!Continue Reading

How can you shoot a stellar report worthy of circulation on prestigious news stations like CNN or in periodicals like The New Yorker? What criteria does it have to meet in order for it to match up to strong competition? Journalism students from eight countries around the world learned all this and more while attending the Journey: Journalism Bootcamp program. The intensive journalism course Journey, now organized for the sixth time by the Bakala Foundation, brings together top news journalists from international media and agencies like CNN, The New Yorker, Reuters, Bloomberg and others to the Czech capital ever year. This year, journalism students enjoyed lectures, among others, from Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Entous (The New Yorker), Evan Perez (CNN),Continue Reading