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Top 5 Podcasts to Learn Czech Easily

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Expats often face problems with learning the Czech language as they move to the Czech Republic. This could be caused by huge differences between expats’ native language, lack of time, or simply laziness. 

Here we offer five podcasts that will help you learn Czech by simply listening to audio lessons and completing language exercises in a playful manner. 


Zdeňkův český podcast  

A podcast from Czechs for foreigners with 234 episodes already. Sports, gastronomy, neighboring nations, USA, Donald Trump – a cocktail of opinions on popular topics in which every listener can find something close to them.  


Slow Czech

“Slowly but surely” is the approach of the authors of the following platform. Over 200 episodes about Czech grammar, famous personalities with historical inserts and legends. A slow but thorough dive into the intricacies of Czech culture.  


Czech With Iva

The podcast’s history began on March 22, 2019. The Czech With Iva project is useful for those who already speak a little Czech and want to develop their speech. The author was inspired by the French equivalent, which she listened to to maintain her knowledge. 


Česky s Michalem

The most ambitious project compared to the others – 525 episodes on a variety of topics, with a new ten-minute audio episode appearing several times a week.   


Čeština je láska 

The creators of the podcast, Carla and Sabina, have been friends since university and work as proofreaders. In the episodes, they talk about the Czech language and literature, revealing the language from an unfamiliar angle. 



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