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UNYP to be the first private university in the Czech Republic to issue digital diplomas with blockchain technology

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In June 2021, the University of New York in Prague will start issuing diplomas to its graduates with the blockchain technology through the BCdiploma platform, along with traditional paper diplomas. This is a result of our continuous effort to bring innovation, the latest technology and new practical solutions to the education industry.

“A university diploma issued digitally via blockchain employs all of the inherent advantages of the technology. Compared to a simple scanned copy of a paper diploma, a blockchain diploma cannot be forged, and is easily traceable and verifiable by anybody, while staying secure. In a world without a central diploma verification authority, blockchain diplomas are a great tool to increase student and workforce mobility. Another benefit is that each blockchain diploma that we issue via the BCdiploma service is essentially a hyperlink. While paper diplomas might still be a matter of prestige and tradition, our younger graduates need something more practical in their increasingly-digital lives. A hyperlink is easy to share on social or professional networks, and even if they download it as a file, it contains a QR code which any university or potential employer can easily open to verify the authenticity of the diploma,” comments David Novák (IT manager at UNYP, and the instigator of the project) on the promising benefits of UNYP’s decision.

It is very easy for digital diploma holders to work with this format, as it is quickly verifiable, securely stored, and cannot be lost. One of the biggest advantages is that the transparency of the blockchain system can resolve some nostrification issues for graduates studying or working abroad. The future of the technology appears bright, mainly due to the transparency of its past. “All previous transactions are kept in a blockchain that is by design secure, transparent, easily verifiable, and independent of any central authority. This is a unique and valuable concept which perfectly matches the trends in our quickly-evolving digital world,” continues David Novák, explaining the principles of blockchain technology and its basis for transparent digital university diplomas.

Blockchain seems to be the technology of the future. As well as its familiar applications within financial markets, including the emergence and functioning of decentralized cryptocurrencies and established global communities, blockchain can also be beneficial for education. Indeed, there are potential applications in all other sectors and industries that depend in some way on the digital environment. “Once we look past the world of cryptocurrencies, the potential for applying this technology is vast. A good example is the healthcare sector, with all its recent security breaches. Blockchain could fill this gap by securing sensitive patient data while making it easier to share records across all stakeholders. As a former student of logistics, I can also appreciate how this technology could shine in supply chain management, where increased trust and end-to-end visibility between trading partners could be a key factor. Then, imagine blockchain applied specifically to the food chain – every piece of food we buy could have an easily traceable history that we could safely trust,” concludes David Novák.

UNYP will issue the first blockchain diplomas to the class of 2021 this June.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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