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Writing for the Prague Monitor

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Table of Contents

The Prague Monitor is well-established and respected for credible Czech news in English. We aim to remain as neutral as far as possible, relays facts and let our readers form their own position or opinion in matters arising. Being in the media, this can be difficult to achieve 100% as the very art of writing means that opinions may come out in our writer’s text. The direction if clear however, to remain neutral.

We actively promote guest posts to offer a breadth of coverage across all subjects so long as they remain relevant to Prague and the wider Czech Republic. Our readers are globally dispersed with most having an affiliation not the Czech Republic in some way. This may be borne out of pure interest in the region, family connections or having been or lived here.

Notes on submission of articles / posts:

  • Editing of previously published articles is not allowed
  • Except for where we have been directed to new facts or need to correct anything stated as new news or facts break.
  • Links placed in article needs to be to credible sources
  • We do not condone the promotion of anything religious, political, and carefully scrutinise anything relating to gambling, drugs or alcohol related.

Our editors ultimately decide what will be published and the submission of text does not guarantee it will be posted.

Questions can be posed via the following email addresses:

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