By Pepper de Callier “We create stories to define our existence.” Elizabeth Gilbert A lot has been written about the power of stories and how effective they are at influencing the thoughts and actions of others. In my work with leaders helping them to hone their public speaking skills, one thing I tell them is to forget the words, and tell the stories. In doing this, we raise ourselves above the pedantic nature of repeating words on a slide, to creating a human link with the listeners. But, I would like to direct your thinking in the opposite direction: inward. The stories we tell ourselves become who we are and as Gilbert’s quote reminds us, they define us. Think aboutContinue Reading

The economic innovation driven by the 27 member states of the European Union has helped advance previously tarnished economies, and help build the platform for solvent democracies. In the last few years, economic changes regarding corporation tax have shown both the good and the ugly side of EU leaders, as the European Commission battles with tax talks between EU member nations and OECD operatives.  Some countries in the EU have been decreasing their corporate tax rates in recent years. These decreases are becoming more and more attractive for various large tech giants. Countries such as Irelands, Malta, Hungary, and Luxembourg have been battling vetoes brought forth from the EU Commission housed in Brussels.  While these countries are remaining complacent withContinue Reading

In June 2021, the University of New York in Prague will start issuing diplomas to its graduates with the blockchain technology through the BCdiploma platform, along with traditional paper diplomas. This is a result of our continuous effort to bring innovation, the latest technology and new practical solutions to the education industry. “A university diploma issued digitally via blockchain employs all of the inherent advantages of the technology. Compared to a simple scanned copy of a paper diploma, a blockchain diploma cannot be forged, and is easily traceable and verifiable by anybody, while staying secure. In a world without a central diploma verification authority, blockchain diplomas are a great tool to increase student and workforce mobility. Another benefit is thatContinue Reading

Tesla has opened its first ever Tesla Center for the Czech Republic in the capital Prague, providing a holistic customer experience to Czech customers with Sales, Service and Delivery now all being united under one roof. Located at V Oblouku 727, Průhonice, the new Tesla Center provides close proximity to customers from Prague and surroundings. To reflect the ever-growing interest from the Czech market, Tesla now offers a spacious car showroom, a workshop as well as a dedicated delivery area. The inauguration of the new location follows on the heels of Tesla’s recent opening of three Czech Superchargers at the end of May, nearly doubling the country’s Tesla fast-charging network. The new Supercharger sites are located in Lovosice, Plzen and KamennýContinue Reading