By Pepper de Callier “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” Marie Curie Marie’s family lost all of their wealth and property due to their involvement in unsuccessful patriotic movements to restore Poland’s independence from Russia in the mid-19th century. As a result, she and her siblings faced a difficult life, coupled with the fact that, being a woman, held its own limitations for intellectual advancement. It’s hard to understand how, with such a beginning, someone could overcome the obvious limitations in which were thrust on her to rise to be awarded two Nobel Prizes, one for physics and one for chemistry, among many other awards. Judging by this quote, it would seem thatContinue Reading

In a recently released study performed by the Time Out Magazine, Prague was voted ‘most beautiful city in the world.’ The magazine reportedly surveyed 27,000 people from all over the world on various aspects of life in their city of residence, and Prague won the beauty category. Overall, Prague placed 7th in the search for the best city in the world, behind cities like Manchester, Amsterdam or Copenhagen, which placed best in overall ranking. In Prague, 83% of surveyed citizens recognized Prague as exceptionally beautiful. This metric included architectural beauty of buildings, natural beauty of parks, and breath-taking views within the city. “But it’s not all about the buildings: head to Letná Park for stunning hillside views, or wander alongContinue Reading

On September 18th and 19th, many visitors celebrated the NATO Days and Czech Air Force Days at the Leoš Janáček Airport in Mošnov, a village in Ostrava. As it is the largest security show in Europe, over 33000 guests from Czechia, Poland and Slovakia visited the event on Saturday and another 24000 on Sunday. The admission to enter the NATO days is free. The main aim of the happening is to present to the general public all the different resources used in the field of security. The busy program offered a number of shows including a presentation of heavy military, police and rescue equipment, dynamic demonstrations of special forces training, aerial demonstrations and presentations of armaments, equipment and equipment units.Continue Reading

The Prague Monitor has recently informed about an explosion of a house in Koryčany. During the blast, one volunteer firefighter died, and another was trapped beneath the rubble. Unfortunately, this public servant also passed away. Such casualties are quite unusual for the volunteer section of the Czech firefighters, as they are usually deployed to less threatening situations than the professionals. Nevertheless, their lifesaving work is also dangerous, as we were reminded by this unexpected explosion. To honour the lives of their dead colleagues, firefighters across Czechia have flown black flags on their stations and held a minute of silence on Sunday. The Koryčany volunteer fire brigade remembered their dead colleagues on Facebook on Friday: “We and the bereaved families areContinue Reading

For the first time ever, the Czech Republic was honored to host the WDSF World Championship Standard Dances in Czechia’s second largest city, Brno. The event, organized by the World DanceSport Federation, took place on September 18th. The City Hall Vodova was filled with plenty of guests looking forward to enjoying one of the first major international cultural and sports events in Brno. A total of 68 top world-class couples amazed the wide audience with their graceful dances. The speciality of this specific discipline is that it allows the athletes to combine sport, show and art. The dancers display that a physical activity can be profoundly tied to elegance and glamour. The couples competed in five different dances: Waltz, Tango,Continue Reading

During the NATO days in Mošnov, near Nový Jičín, the Chief of General Staff of the Czech Army Aleš Opata has shared that more than 85% of the soldiers employed in the Czech army have already been vaccinated. Furthermore, only a few individuals are reportedly currently infected with covid-19 or in quarantine. For reference, there are about 25,000 professional soldiers in the Czech Republic. Most serve directly within the army, others serve under the Military Police or Military Intelligence. “We have units that are over 90 percent inoculated. Vaccination in the military was key to us. By having vaccinated soldiers and the system we have adopted to prevent infection, we allowed ourselves to go back to training and many otherContinue Reading

Do you love coffee as much as we do? If so, you are at the right place, and we have fantastic news for you! This Sunday, September 19, the Street Coffee Festival will take place in the Karlínské náměstí, an emerging area of Prague.  What should you expect? Let’s learn together.  Quick overview The event is dedicated to true coffee-lovers & baristas. On Sunday, the smell of coffee will fill Karlínské náměstí, and bring the joy of life to everyone!  There, you can find the best roasters and cafés, enjoy coffee rituals, alternative and classic coffee preparation, and there will also be the much-loved Cold Brew. As always, you can also look forward to a great food offer that will satisfy evenContinue Reading

As the Prague Monitor previously reported, the Czech President Miloš Zeman is currently being treated in the Military University Hospital in Prague. However, up until now, the media could only speculate about the President’s condition since Jiří Ovčáček, the President’s spokesman, was reluctant to give away any details. The newest information finally released on the Prague Castle web presents that the President is for now not endangered by any serious diseases. In the announcement, Ovčáček writes that upon his arrival to the hospital on Tuesday, the doctors performed thorough medical examinations of the President including CT, sonography and blood sampling. The observations did not reveal any disturbing news. Zeman’s diabetes levels are within the medical standards. According to the doctors,Continue Reading

In the past month, the Prague Monitor has informed about a number of individual goods’ price increasing. With this trend continuing in almost all aspects of retail, it is time to offer a more complex look at the current economic situation in the Czech Republic. According to Chief Economist of the Czech Banking Association, Jakub Seidler, “Industrial producer prices accelerated in August, mainly due to rising prices of metal and wood products.” Industrial inflation reached 9.3 percent. That is 1.5 percentage points more than in July, while analysts expected a growth of only 8.6 percent. Thus, industrial and agricultural producer prices rose the fastest in August since 1993. The rise in prices manifested mainly in chemicals, metals, paper, but alsoContinue Reading

As more and more parents drive their offspring’s to school, the mornings on the streets near schools are slowly becoming more and more of a nightmare. Around the start of school, Prague’s narrow streets are filled with snakes of barely moving cars, as some parents drop their child off, and others choose to leave their car standing while they lead their child into the school building themselves. This is not only a scary situation for those parents who have no other choice but to drop their children off, but also for the climate, as running cars spend tens of minutes standing idle in the city. Furthermore, this morning chaos often leads to more accidents with pedestrians, who are mainly childrenContinue Reading