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Police Evacuated Old Town Square Under the Suspicion of Bomb Threat

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Shortly before 9:30 pm on a Sunday evening, Prague’s police department received an anonymous tip-off reporting the presence of a bomb directly in front of the Old Town Clock. Responding to this potentially grave situation, both police officers and a specialized bomb disposal team converged at the scene. Jan Rybanský, the police spokesperson, officially confirmed the incident. However, just after 11 a.m., the bomb squad concluded their inspection and revealed that there was no bomb to be found.

As reported by, this incident resulted in the closure of Old Town Square all the way to Pařížská Street.

A similar occurrence happened on the same Sunday at the Spanish Synagogue, though the spokesperson stated it was a false alarm. Furthermore, on Tuesday, trams halted their operation at Wenceslas Square due to unattended luggage.

“At 9:30 p.m., we received a call through the emergency line 158. The caller reported a suspicious object beneath the Old Town Clock,” the spokesperson recounted. Firefighters and law enforcement rapidly descended upon the location, initially cordoning off the immediate vicinity. However, as concerns of a potential explosive device grew, the bomb squad decided to evacuate the entire square, Rybanský explained.

Police subsequently validated the reports circulating online regarding a beer barrel mysteriously appearing in front of the Old Town Hall. The bomb disposal unit thoroughly examined the discovery and confirmed that there were no grounds for explosive concerns.


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