The second week of the 16th Paralympic Games, this year hosted in Tokyo, are in full swing. The Czech Paralympic team has already achieved several admirable accomplishments. The 2020 Games are scheduled between 24th of August and 5th of September 2021. The first medal for the Czech paralympic team was acquired by the Czech paralympic athletes David Drahonínský and Šárka Musilová. Together, they won a silver medal in the archery discipline for mixed couples. Aleš Kisý, representing the Czech Republic in the men’s shot put discipline placed second and won a silver medal for the Czech team. Kisý has already participated in four previous tournaments of the Paralympic Games, however, this year is special for him since it is theContinue Reading

Sixteen days of victory, defeat, joy and sadness are over as the final ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games took place, and the probably most unusual Olympic games in modern history are officially over. Over the course of the Olympics, 339 sets of bronze, silver and gold medals have been given out to more than 11,000 top-tier athletes from all over the world. Despite unusually low broadcast viewership and no live viewers allowed at all, most athletes still agree that it was a good decision to let the games take place. After long months of uncertainty, they finally got a chance to perform, and namely Czech athletes used this opportunity to the fullest. Throughout the Games, they managed toContinue Reading

Josef Dostál just lived through a roller coaster of emotions, but on a kayak. This competitor in various Men’s kayak competitions at the Olympics first placed fifth in an individual 1km race on Tuesday. That might not seem so bad, but given the fact that he earned a silver medal in this discipline in Rio de Janeiro, he expected more. Devastated and exhausted, he had to be helped by the organizers out of his kayak. The situation seemed dire already, but it got even worse when he started to develop a stomach and other symptoms ache during a walk after the race, which he linked to a probable onset of food poisoning. With the fear of these Olympic games endingContinue Reading

The biggest surprise of 13th day of the Olympics for the Czech Republic was the success of Czech 1500 metre runner Kristiina Mäki. She managed to qualify for the final race of this competition with a new personal best of 4:01,23. The daughter of a Czech-Finnish family surprised most experts with this feat, just seven months after giving birth to her son, and she surprised herself too. On paper, she was supposed to come second last, so she already packed her bags before the race. Despite this, she managed to keep her head in the race and surprise the Czech Republic with a first 1500 metre race final in the history of the country and a Czech record. This newContinue Reading

Czech javelin throwers have been long recognized as one of the best in the world. The male world record is still held by Jan Železný, at 98.48 metres. He managed to score a silver medal at the 1988 Olympics and follow that with a gold at the next three consecutive Olympic games. He is also a three time world champion. Now, his former trainee Barbora Špotáková, has set her sights on matching his Olympic bounty with 4 Olympic medals of her own. She already has three, and she will attempt to qualify for this year’s Olympic final during Tuesday’s early morning hours. The final bout will then take place at 13:50 on Friday. However, she might end up being challengedContinue Reading

The Olympic Women’s final Tennis bouts almost seemed like a Billie Jean King Cup (formerly know as Fed Cup) match between Switzerland and Czechia. First, Saturday’s final Women’s Tennis Singles match featured a duel between Czech rising star Markéta Vondroušová and Switzerland’s Belinda Bencic. After a long battle, B. Bencic came out victorious. While she earned this gold medal for Switzerland, she is a descendant of Czechoslovakian emigrants. Her grandparents escaped Slovakia during the Prague Spring period in 1968, and settled in Switzerland. Belinda Bencic herself still prefers to speak Slovakian, and thus a few attentive viewers of the final could hear her expressing her emotions in surprisingly similar words to the Czech player’s. On Sunday, the final Women’s TennisContinue Reading

Silver and Gold. It was a dream come true for two Czechs sport shooters, who have competed in Men’s trap for a long time. These two friends, connected by their passion for the sport, always dreamed of sharing a podium together in a big event. And what better event to do it in that the Olympics. This moment was even improved by the fact that the competition has a new system. During the final round, the shooter who hit the least targets during a given amount of opportunities has to step out of the competition, so in the end, all the other competitors had to take a step back and watch the two Czechs take their competition to a finalContinue Reading

Many Czech players are feeling cheated by the schedule of both the Women’s Singles and Doubles Tennis tournaments. Despite their high ranking in world leaderboards, they mostly have to play on the less equipped tennis court in Tokyo, which lies in the back of the Tennis grounds at the Tokyo Olympics. That means that they don’t have access to advanced refereeing technology, such as the Eagle Eye, a camera system which allows the referee of the match to check where the ball has landed with pinpoint accuracy. Thus faulty decisions can be overruled, which leads to a fairer match. Furthermore, the schedule of their matches not favouring one of the tournament’s favourites. Some even argue that it is intentionally designedContinue Reading

Yesterday, the Czech team at the Tokyo Olympics got their first taste of Silver and Bronze. The Silver medal was won by Lukáš Rohan in Men’s water slalom, an event where canoeists try to navigate through a series of gates while paddling through cleverly designed artificial rapids as fast as possible. The bronze medal was won by Alexander Choupenitch, who won the fencing match for it in men’s individual foil by managing to strike his opponent faster 15 times, for a final score of 15:8. For Choupenitch, this was an achievement of a lifetime, so his reaction to the victory produced some emotional photographs. Two other medals narrowly slipped out of the hands of Czech athletes today. Biker Ondřej CinkContinue Reading