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Beautiful Czech goal

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By now many of our readers might have seen the goal Patrick Schick scored against Scotland in the group stages of the UEFA EURO 2020. The 25 year-old forward scored with a kick from just a couple steps into Scotland’s half of the field. The ball raced through the air with tremendous speed and spin. This caused the ball to change its trajectory mid-flight, a phenomenon described as the Magnus effect. This confused the Scottish goalkeeper who was already having a hard time racing back to his goal, since he did not anticipate a Czech offensive break. Ultimately, the ball descended from the air into the net, scoring a goal. While this goal was described as exceptional by many, only few anticipated that it would get Patrik Schick the prize he got today – The award for the most beautiful goal of the tournament. With this goal, Patrick Schick outclassed legendary competition such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba, as his goal was voted for over 800 000 times by fans. Schick also ended the tournament as the second most productive goal scorer of the tournament. After such a performance, it is very likely that soon, top european teams might be looking up Schick’s agent’s phone number.

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