By Pepper de Callier “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” Sir Francis Bacon Focus, please, on the two most important words in this quote, “will make”. Sir Francis is talking about the inertia of failure. The opportunistic approach many have of waiting for the “right” thing, time, person—you name it—to come along. Even if you hope to win the lottery, you have to do something—buy a ticket. Life is that way too. Buying a ticket to life’s lottery comes in the way of making an investment—an investment in yourself. I know from experience that inertia is a difficult thing, at times, to break free from. It requires effort, motion and discipline. But, in life’s lottery, IContinue Reading

As during the last eight years, the end of September means that the Czech Beer Days are back. Beer is quite important to many Czechs, so it is no wonder that pubs and restaurants across the country have paired up with local breweries and organized a festival centred around the golden drink. According to the CEO of the Czech Association of Breweries and Malthouses Martina Ferencová, the Czech pub has been the centre of social life for centuries and beer plays a crucial role in it. The event seems to attract more beer producers and more beer enthusiasts every year. Some breweries even prepare special limited ales and lagers to celebrate. 33 breweries took part in this year’s ninth CzechContinue Reading

According to the Kantar agency, which recently performed an election survey for the Czech Television, the current main government party ANO might not be in the government during the next term. After months of a steady lead, the political party’s preferences fell down to 24.5 percent, which might not grant them a sufficient number of seats in parliament to form a new government. This is the case because the two runner ups, SPOLU and PirSTAN, have vowed that they will not form a government with ANO to their voters. Thus, ANO would have to pair up with smaller parties, but they might not have enough seats to get a majority in the parliament. On the other hand, the two aforementionedContinue Reading

The fire department of Olomouc was called upon when a gas explosion occurred in a terraced house in Litovel. On Saturday evening at the time of the incident, the damaged house was occupied by two individuals, a young couple. The woman was not harmed, however, the man had to be transported straight to the burn center of the University Hospital in Ostrava by a helicopter after he suffered severe burns, inhalation trauma and had to be on artificial lung ventilation. Although the patient is still in serious medical condition, the paramedics confirmed that the injured was stabilized and is not in danger of death. Nine neighbors, including two children, from the nearby houses had to be evacuated. The explosion, whichContinue Reading

In just fifteen seconds, specialists took down a 162 meters high chimney shortly after 9am on Saturday morning. 75 kilograms of explosives and 250 were used to get down the construction that carried over ten thousand tons of weight. The chimney was a part of a former heating plant at Brandl in Liberecká street in Jablonec nad Nisou. It was the second highest building in the Liberec region. The city no longer needs the entire heating plant complex due to the overall modernization of the central heating system. Over a thousand individuals gathered behind the police tape on Liberecká street to watch the dynamite explode. According to the experts who were in charge of the demolition of the chimney andContinue Reading

The Czech Police has finally publicly spoken out about the death of a young Police officer, which took place in Poland on October 2nd 2020. Kristýna Litomerická was a policewoman with a lot of promise, so she was sent to a Frontex mission to Poland. Her two month mission for the European Border and Coast Guard Agency unfortunately ended with her taking her own life on the last day. Reportedly, she jumped out of a hotel room balcony on the 11th story. Her family was shocked to hear the news, but reportedly had previous information about the Police officer being bullied for her appearance and origin. The Czech Police is negating all such claims of the family, and insists theContinue Reading

Prosecco Fest is coming to an end, bringing us the latest memories of joy. This weekend (24-25.09.2021), Prosecco | Giro del Festival will be held in the Žižkov Beer Garden.  This is your last chance to sip the bubbly drink if you haven’t done it so far. Besides, the weather forecast seems promising, so why not enjoy the vibe?  Dates  As mentioned before, the Prosecco Fest will be this Friday (24.09) and Saturday (25.09). On Friday, the event will start at 15.00 and last till 22.00. Swing by after a hard working day with your colleagues!  On Saturday, the event will start a little bit earlier-at 12.00, and it will go on until 22.00. A great time for brunch withContinue Reading

The Industrial Palace in Prague Exhibition Grounds is now filled with thousands of books as the Book World Prague 2021 is in full swing. To reflect on the strong relations within the countries of the European Union, the Guest of Honour at this year’s festival is France. The country will present a showcase of French-speaking literature written by their greatly talented writers. The name Milan Kundera will be mentioned quite often as the Czech-French author symbolizes the non-political bond of the two countries. The International book fair and literary festival is the biggest celebration of books in the Czech Republic. The event took off on Thursday, September 23. All those who are eager to experience the unique atmosphere and enjoyContinue Reading

For many foreigners and especially for the majority of Czech citizens, the one thing that symbolizes the Czech Republic the most is beer. Czechs proudly look up to the numbers of beer consumption, as the country takes the by far 1st place with 188 liters of beer annually drank by a sole person on average. (approximately one beer a day :)) No wonder that the Czech Beer Days 2021 is a well-celebrated event in all corners of the country. To start the event, on Thursday, September 23rd, brewers announced the results of the Czech Beer tasting competition at the St. Wenceslas Festival. 83 beer samples entered the tournament and the top position was acquired by Zubr Gradus, the Czech lagerContinue Reading

Lieutenant Colonel Michal Daněk of the 211th Tactical Squadron of the Air forces of the Czech Army has recently achieved a world class milestone. He has completed his 2000th flight hour on the JAS-39 Gripen supersonic aircraft, making him the second pilot to ever achieve this, at least according to the statistics of the Swedish manufacturer. In total, this pilot has already completed around 2,900 flight hours which ranks him amongst the most experienced military pilots in Czechia. “There are different milestones in each pilot’s career. The most important ones are the first solo flight, retraining for a new type of aircraft and later achieving a certain number of flight hours: one hundred, five hundred, one thousand. The fact thatContinue Reading