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SPD Opposes Gay Marriage in the Czech Republic

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Today, there was a heated debate about a proposed law to allow same-sex marriage in the Czech Republic. The opposition SPD party wants to reject the law, while supporters argue for its approval. The discussions became tense when Martin Exner from the STAN coalition movement said that Russia is fueling conflicts over this issue. Some lawmakers disagreed with his statement and accused him of supporting Russia.

Russia is trying to “make marriage a taboo for everyone, thereby blocking it and dividing society”. “Either we want to be a free Western Europe where same-sex couples can get married even in church. Or we want to be an Eastern conservative Russian-style periphery,” Exner said.

The SPD party doesn’t want to change the current definition of marriage and suggests focusing on legalizing registered partnerships instead. On the other side, supporters of same-sex marriage say that everyone should have equal rights, and the proposed law would grant same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.

Similar to Wednesday’s opening debate on the bill, supporters of gay marriage cited issues such as rights equalisation. “We are discussing a law that cannot hurt anyone but can help many people,” said Michal Zuna (TOP 09).

The amendment to the Civil Code would give same-sex couples the right to marry, including property rights, pensions, and rights related to raising children. If the law passes, registered partnerships, currently available to gay and lesbian couples, would no longer exist as a separate institution.

The discussions will continue, and lawmakers will eventually vote on the proposed law.

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