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Germany Seeks Skilled Workers from Africa with Focus on Collaboration and Return Plans

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Germany aims to attract skilled workers from Africa with the promise of a future, while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of smooth deportations for those who do not meet the criteria. Chancellor Olaf Scholz shared this dual perspective during the G20 Investment Summit in Berlin, highlighting Germany’s interest in fostering economic cooperation with African nations. He acknowledged the substantial workforce in many African countries and the corresponding need for foreign workers in Germany due to its aging population. The chancellor highlighted Germany’s recent adoption of an immigration law designed to draw in skilled individuals.

Scholz expressed Germany’s desire to establish a migration partnership with African countries, offering educational opportunities, including language courses. However, he underscored the expectation that individuals unable to stay in Germany should easily return to their home countries. Having recently visited multiple African nations, the chancellor emphasized Germany’s commitment to the overall economic development of the African continent, foreseeing mutual benefits for Africans and German businesses.

In addition, Scholz highlighted the essential role of collaboration between Europe and Africa, particularly in sectors such as climate and energy. He emphasized that achieving European climate goals requires partnership with African nations. Germany, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2045, sees potential in importing hydrogen from Africa, recognizing the continent’s capacity for clean energy and hydrogen production as an opportunity for joint development.

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