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Adéla Knapová: “I give my voice to those whose cries we are deaf to.”

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Prague, 31 March 2022 

As a part of her fight to improve animal welfare, Adéla Knapová, a chief reporter of the weekly Reflex and a writer, has become a visionary for the international NGO Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), joining such personalities like Jane Goodall, Peter Gabriel, Judi Dench and the recently deceased Desmond Tutu. 

Adéla is also a patron of CIWF’s campaigns to end cage farming and ban long-distance transport of animals. She is actively involved in these campaigns.

“I consider the monstrous way we treat animals on a large scale, the way we abuse them by the millions in factories of suffering called factory farms, or the way we torture them in death transports to be one of humanity’s greatest failures. I appreciate the fact that I can join forces with CIWF, because they have long been successful in making a real difference on a global level, not only for farmed animals,” said Adéla. 

Her recent reporting trip to war-decimated Ukraine has only reinforced her commitment to this cause: “I find it the height of pitiful how European big agrarians are exploiting this war to economically strengthen and increase the capacity of their pain and death factories with the help of false arguments.”

“Adéla Knapová is a prominent figure in the world of journalism, a respected writer and a very courageous and compassionate woman. We are extremely pleased that she openly embraces our Vision for Fair Food and Farming and actively supports our key campaigns in her role as patron. It is thanks to personalities like Adéla that we are able to mobilise a social movement for a fundamental transformation of agriculture that can feed future generations in an environmentally friendly way while improving the quality of life for billions of farmed animals around the world,” said Romana Šonková, CIWF´s representative in the Czech Republic.

Adéla has been against animal abuse and cruelty since she was a child. She does not use products tested on animals, prefers a plant-based diet and tries to raise awareness in her environment about the perverse system of industrial animal production that has degraded animals into things and raw materials.  

“I consider it my duty and honour to fight for those who cannot defend themselves. Animals feel emotions and pain like we do. They have the right to live without unnecessary torture, abuse, horror and suffering. Factory farms, which include cage farming of not just laying hens, as well as death transports, represent the worst that we as humans can do to other living beings. All in the name of profit. It must be stopped,” concluded Adéla.

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