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25|04|2022 – A virtual reality installation called The Infinite Library has opened at the Goethe-Institut in Prague, Czech Republic. It invites its visitors to multisensory exploration of topics such as Indian puppet theatre, the history of Polynesian navigation or medieval alchemy.

“The Infinite Library is not overflowing with books. It is not a building. Nor does it evoke anything that evokes a traditional library. It is an experience that takes place inside a virtual cave with access to virtual chambers that serve as portals or microworlds that allow time travel,” explains Thomas Meyer, Director of Information at the Goethe-Institut for Central and Eastern Europe.

The Infinite Library is a German touring installation that outlines the future of libraries as interactive spaces. It addresses its visitors with interactive forms of storytelling. The “library”, which was presented in March at the Goethe-Institut in New Delhi, India, and now also at the Goethe-Institut’s Prague branch, offers state-of-the-art virtual reality, as well as play with QR codes, holograms, 3D printed objects, and presents a number of audiovisual works.

The Goethe-Institut is offering the multisensory experience free of charge until 31 May. Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 4-7 pm, Saturday 11 am-2 pm. To reduce waiting times, the Goethe-Institut recommends booking online in advance.

What? Virtual Reality Infinite Library

When? 08|04-31|05|2022

Where. Goethe-Institut, Masarykovo nábřeží 32, Prague 1 Websites: |

Free admission


Tomáš Moravec | Goethe-Institut Czech Republic | +420 721 434 624 | [email protected] |


Project The Infinite Library


Partner Goethe-Institut High Road Stories, and Daisy with Rider, The Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust

Vision of the Project

To reimagine libraries of the future and envision new alternative methods of knowledge transfer, while introducing the concept of VR rooms and establishing a connection between VR, nature, and culture

Artists Mika Johnson, Czech Republic Anurupa Roy, Katkatha, India Gunduraju, India Dr. Atul Sinha, India Shankhajeet De, India

Key Elements 1. Library of Shadows A darkened, theatre-like space, where the visitor explores other systems of thoughts and ways of learning. The puppets will dance to the commands and tunes of the visitor who must take cue from the hints announced. 2. Library of Elements Devoted to the European medieval alchemy, an art form and practice devoted to nature and transformation, the Library of Elements offers experiences of the three stages of alchemical transformation: Nigredo, Albedo, and Rubedo. 3. Library of Navigation The Library of Navigation is devoted to Polynesian navigation, a knowledge system developed by the seagoing people who colonized the largest ocean in the world.

Website The Infinite Library


The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a worldwide presence. With 157 institutes in 98 countries, it promotes the German language abroad, fosters international cultural cooperation and conveys a comprehensive image of Germany. Through cooperation with partner institutions in numerous other locations, the Goethe-Institut has a total of around 1,000 contact points worldwide.

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