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FESTKA’s Glörious Collab

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Festka launches a collab with hobby cycling’s bad child

Prague, Czech Republic, 7 April 2022 – Matt Stanbury is a character. A graphic designer by trade, and cyclist at heart, he has been challenging the Instagram image of a dedicated hobby athlete for quite a while via his profile Glörious, recently renamed rock_n_donuts. His belief that cycling (or any other hobby sport for that matter) should be fun in the first place clearly resonates with his 38K followers. His donut fetish, depicted on a series of jerseys of his own design, has become his tongue-in-cheek trademark in the world of too many speed and calorie obsessives.

Given the fact that a Festka has been Matt’s go-to road bike for a good while, it was only a matter of time until the time the two did a collab project. A jersey had been on the cards for a while but when Matt showed interest in getting a FESTKA Scout, the brand suggested to him that he design the scheme for it himself.

Being a prolific artist, he came up with a number of ideas. One of them was a cool pop-art scheme that immediately caught the eye of Tom Hnida, Festka’s art director: “I’d been thinking of doing a pop-art bike for a while so when Matt came up with his pop-art scheme my heart fluttered.”

The contrasting blocks of bold colours serve as the perfect background for the misaligned dotted design so typical in pop-art prints. Festka liked it so much that it decided to offer it as a limited edition.

Asking Matt about pretty much anything, you will always get a quotable answer. His design scheme for Festka is no exception: “Pop art was about blurring boundaries and being radical for its time. I like to blur the boundaries of cake eating and bikes! Pop art was expressive through parody, this is my parody of cycling! Pop art was also famous for its recognisable, witty, bright and bold colours! Glorious and Festka have created the ultimate Pop art moving gallery… and donut machine!”

For people who are not in the market for a bike but like the design there is a t-shirt available through Festka’s e-shop.

The edition is limited to ten frames only: one for Matt and nine for sale. Each frame will be an original due to minor variations in the dotted segments of the design.

Festka vs. Glörious frames are available as frameset only or a complete bike. Since the frames will be built to order, custom geometry is available.

The framesets are priced at 7.790 EUR. The price of a fully built bike will depend on the choice of components and starts at 10.690 EUR.

The Donut Machine design scheme is available for FESTKA Scout only.

For further information please visit:

About Festka 
Festka is a Czech technology company that specializes in the custom production of road bikes and frames of the highest quality. The company‘s headquarters and production facility are located in the center of Prague, Czech Republic. Its clients include many interesting people – Hollywood celebrities, people from big business, as well as those who discovered cycling later in life as their preferred form or exercise and want (and can afford) to ride an exceptional bike. Festka is renowned for its cooperation with top notch institutions such as the European Space Agency and the Czech Technical University. The firm was founded by former pro cyclist Michael Moureček and his entrepreneur friend Ondřej Novotný. From the very beginning, the creative side of things has been the work of Tomáš Hnida. Approximately 90% of the frames and full builds that leave Festka‘s production facility are exported, with 80% of production going to customers outside the EU – Asia (China, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines), USA, and Australia.
Jana Masaryka 28
120 00 Prague 2
Černomořská 3
100 00 Prague 10
For more information, please contact:
Jakub Víšek, [email protected], +420 731 464 171

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