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RVmagnetics “Sensor Startups in Central and Eastern Europe are working hard to bring the next sensor unicorns”

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RVmagnetics is a sensor manufacturing startup company from Slovakia. They essentially provide Research and Development services with the application of their own contactless MicroWire sensors, for a largely influential pool of partners.

RVmagnetics is founded by prof. RNDr. Rastislav Varga, DrSc. who throughout over 30 years of experience in basic and applied research on magnetic substances – developed the smallest passive sensor in the world the MicroWires.
Prof. Varga leads a team of scientists and R&D professionals, developing custom-created, precise sensing solutions, solving practical, technical, scientific issues and limitations that cannot be addressed with conventional sensors.

The MicroWires surely have the relevant demand of international clients , which is growing year by year and being developed into exclusive applications in a variety of industries – from Medical technologies all the way to Electric Engines, Composite Materials and Industry 4.0 as such.

“The growing demand for the CEE startup comes with challenges, yet also with perks” – RVmagnetics representatives claim that RVmagnetics has a put-together cooperative R&D team, representatives of Slovak science and innovation, and the growing workload makes the team choose the best battles to fight. The startup is going through a stage of prioritization, when to align their partnerships they are gradually choosing sectors of higher applicability, where there are very limited available solutions. The choice is made based on the volume of positive impact the company can make with a MicroWire-equipped product, whether it is in the ROI volumes, technological competitive advantage, sustainability or others.

A good example of this is the Electric Motor industry. There is currently no available physical sensing system that can help acquire data from within the motor and build the cornerstone of the Predictive and Preventive Maintenance capabilities for the Electric Engines industry, like the ones RVmagnetics can enable. The MicroWire size, the contactless sensing capabilities and the sensing frequency levels are enough to highlight the capacity of this sensor in regards to the increased productivity of the motor.

Retrieving physical data from a product (be it to monitor the material state or structural integrity of the parts) makes them smart – the better the data the more relevant the outcomes. What RVmagnetics enables is accessing continuous, quality data to enable smartification even in the areas with limited access (due to size, wiring, electromagnetically noisy environment, etc.)

RVmagnetics’ scope of activities made sure they are no newbies thanks to their combined knowledge and experience especially in regards to running Research & Development activities as Sensor startup in CEE. These startups have an important role in the region. As RVmagnetics themselves claim “AI and IOT can substantially contribute to the growth in GDP in the CEE region”, make sure to give it a read to learn about other perks and trends this sensor startup has noted.

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