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The Czech Ministry of Health will launch a unified register detailing the names of those residents who received the vaccine against COVID-19 according to “The unified register will start working in the coming days. Vaccination confirmation will be issued in printed and electronic forms, which will simplify traveling abroad, ” the representative of the Faculty Hospital in Brno, Veronika Placha told Právo. At the moment, hospitals are keeping records of the vaccinated citizens to later pass them to the registry. On Saturday, Prague’s Motol Hospital received 9,750 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. They were distributed between the hospitals in Brno and Prague. The European Commission has been long working on a joint vaccination travel card -for as long as twoContinue Reading

As of Monday, the reproduction number dropped from 1,25 (pre-Christmas value) to 0,89. Despite the uplifting results, Ladislav Dušek, director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS), thinks that they should be first and foremost attributed to the decrease in testing. “It’s not representative, I dare say at the moment, it’s a bit of a calculation artifact. As the load of the tests decreased significantly during Christmas, which was of course expected, the number of daily positive tests decreased to such an extent that it reduced the reproductive number. Christmas just had to be like that, “Dušek explained for The reproduction number indicates how fast the virus can spread by showing the average number of the peopleContinue Reading

On Monday, the world saw an exceptional phenomenon of the conjunction of two planets – Saturn and Jupiter. The planets were the closest to each other than in the last 400 years and also the brightest. Furthermore, the light they produced might have been the famous Bethlehem Star. The so-called “Great Conjunction” of the “Christmas Star” happens extremely rarely – Saturn and Jupiter meet much less often than other planets. They were visible in the sky on Monday, between 16:30 – 17:00, when they almost merged together. A similar astronomical occurrence is not expected until 2080. “Although we are talking about December 21 as a record approach of these two planets, it will also be seen in the days toContinue Reading

This year, the employees at the shelter for homeless animals Troja will hold an annual Christmas charity event, inviting Prague residents to donate to homeless dogs on the 24th of December, according to The event will be held in a less festive manner than usual, but, nevertheless, every person can still make the dogs’ days brighter by bringing food, toys, blankets, or other gifts. Troja is a shelter for abandoned animals of the Municipal Police of the Capital City of Prague Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the shelter had to limit the celebrations to putting up a Christmas tree. Since 1993, the event is held with live music, performances by the police ensemble, a demonstration of the services dogs’Continue Reading

Bookmakers named the favourite candidates for the presidency of the Czech Republic, who will participate in elections in 2023. The leader is the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (odds at 2.45: 1), followed by the former president Václav Klaus Sr. (odds at 5.5: 1) and General Petr Pavel (odds at  7: 1) according to The spokesman for the Fortuna betting company, Petr Šrain, told ČTK that the volume of bets already reached three million CZK with as many as 40% placed on Babiš’s victory. Interestingly, the company registered a 10,000 CZK-worth bet on the victory of a former Minister of Health, Roman Prymula. Fortuna currently has 58 candidates for bets. “In any case, the spectrum of favorites will continue toContinue Reading

Even though over ¾ of Bosnia and Herzegovina is mountainous (with minor exceptions for private ski resorts), its mountain rescue service has no professional workers. It is completely volunteer-based and relies for the funding it needs on sponsors, local government, and civil protection units. There is no central telephone number for the mountain rescue service, nor is there any guaranteed nonstop emergency service. Therefore, this year and with assistance from the CzDA, a three-year project has been launched to improve the cooperation between the rescuers in the different mountain areas, to increase their capacities, to assist with equipment, and to transfer experience from the operation of the Mountain Rescue Service in the Czech Republic. The economic situation in Bosnia and HerzegovinaContinue Reading

Following their meeting on Thursday, Ministers Jan Blatný and Karel Havlíček stated that Midnight Mass will be allowed on Christmas Eve. However, several limitations will be imposed. Despite the ban on mass events and large gatherings of people, the minister of Health, Jan Blatný, stated that the government will not prohibit the Christmas Mass. “Midnight Masses will be allowed for all believers. But I ask everyone who goes to Mass to observe anti-epidemic measures, “said Blatný, reports. However, churches will not be filled to their entire capacity – only a fifth of the seats can be occupied. All attendants must wear masks or respirators to protect themselves and each other. Furthermore, the government will allow sales on Christmas Eve.Continue Reading

The government is expecting to receive the first 9,750 doses of COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the month, equally distributed between Prague and Brno according to ČVS (Czech Vaccinology Society). Another 250,000 doses are expected to arrive in January, according to The vaccination will begin immediately. Currently, the speed at which the vaccines will arrive to the Czech Republic depend on how soon the European Medicine Agency can approve the shots. The meeting considering the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine should happen on the 21st of December (eight days earlier than originally planned) and it will take a few more days for delivery. “Within two days, the vaccine will be approved by the European Commission, and from December 24, it willContinue Reading

Starting on Friday, 18th December, the Czech Republic closes its borders for foreign tourists. On the same day, the country will return to the fourth level of PES and new restrictions will apply according to the Ministry of Health. As of Friday, tourists can no longer freely enter the Czech Republic according to the Ministry of the Interior. Furthermore, since the freedom of movement is also restricted, one will be not be allowed to arrive to visit friends. Special exceptions apply in case of travelling for the purposes of work, getting treatment or carrying out business activities. A full list of conditions can be found here. An exception is also made for ski resorts. According to, tourists can arriveContinue Reading

Czech National Agency for International Education (DZS) announced the DZS Awards 2020 winners – the best achievements in the field of international cooperation and internationalization of education. The prizes were awarded to successful projects carried out through DZS managed programmes, such as Erasmus +, European Solidarity Corps or CEEPUS. The jury selected the most successful projects in eleven categories based on the education sector and respective programme. Especially originality, innovation and long-term impact of the projects were appreciated. Furthermore, not only projects but also successful foreign students had the opportunity to win the prize since DZS ensures promotion of Czech higher education. In contrast to previous years, when the winners were announced during a gala evening, this year’s winners wereContinue Reading