On Tuesday August 31st, Czech meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute expect heavy rainfall to strike most of the country. Border regions with mountains are expected to receive the most rainfall, with as much as 90 litres per metre squared expected in Jizerské hory, Krkonoše, Jeseníky and Beskydy. This will more than likely elevate the levels of rivers which flow through these regions, so minor flooding could come throughout the day. Moreover, this rain is expected to impact all drivers heavily. Such volumes of water falling from the sky are expected to make most drainage systems overflow soon, so water will be present on the streets. Thus, all drivers should expect low visibility and high risks of aquaplaning, as moreContinue Reading

The Peregrine Falcon is commonly accepted to be the fastest creature in the world, as it is able to reach the mind-boggling speeds of 300-350 kilometres per hour as it dives through the air to catch its prey. At this speed, these predators often kill their unsuspecting victims purely with the force of the impact. Evolution perfected their bodies for this purpose, as the crow-sized birds are able to fold their sharp-tipped wings and arrow-shaped tail into a shape aerodynamic enough to allow them to reach speeds that many cars do not even come close to. These majestic creatures are so dominant at their craft, that they managed to spread to every continent except Antarctica. However, they have recently beenContinue Reading

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Prostějov observatory, an Italian artist was hired to paint a mural on one of its walls. This was done as a part of the Street Art festival in Olomouc. During its 60 years of existence, the observatory helped popularize astronomy among the citizens of Prostějov. Even its opening day, August 12th 1961 was carried out in this theme. The construction of the observatory was largely carried out with the help of locals since 1955, so it only made sense for it to open on the day of the Vostok 1 flight, which carried  Yuri Gagarin into space, the first human to ever experience spaceflight. From then on, the observatory served as the hotspotContinue Reading

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new professional English-language theatre company in Prague called CLASSIC STAGE. CLASSIC STAGE will present live and virtual productions of the work of the great 19th and 20th century English-language playwrights, including Tony Award- , Pulitzer Prize- , and Olivier Award-winning plays. Their first production was a Zoom presentation in August, 2021 of Sir Noël Coward’s Blithe Spirit, which will be repeated on Wednesday, September 15th at 8:00 Central European time. The link to register and watch this free performance is https://bit.ly/3B4LUmK They will be presenting Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof live in a theatre and with dates to be announced this November, and they will follow this withContinue Reading

During the last summer, while Health Minister Adam Vojtěch was still in the position for his first time, he became the laughing stock of both the PM Andrej Babiš and the opposition when he proposed that children should wear facemasks when they would enter school in September 2020. Looking back at the pandemic, perhaps he could have prevented the November surge in weekly deaths, which even surpassed the 200 mark, if his idea had been greenlighted. The main obstacle for this was the PM, who is now often blamed for the more than 30,000 deaths due to the virus in our country. Luckily, Adam Vojtěch stayed cautious, and now that he is back in his role of Health Minister, thingsContinue Reading

On Friday, at the Palmovka station of the yellow B line of the Prague metro, two foreigners violently attacked a Czech man passing by. Reportedly, they were after his money. The brutal attack was captured by cameras at the entrance to the underground transport, which helped the police quickly apprehend  both suspects. The beating included heavy hits with fists and kicks to the head, so the assailants could be facing up to ten years in prison. Furthermore, no judge is expected to be lenient, as one of the attackers also resisted arrest. The horrifying video has been posted on the internet by the Czech Police. Although the Czech Republic consistently ranks among the safest countries in the world on theContinue Reading

As the crisis in Afghanistan continues, many countries across the globe are trying to provide as much help as they can to those who are suffering. The Czech Republic is no exception. The Czech non-governmental organization People in Need and the UNICEF ČR organization combined have raised more than 3 800 000 Czech crowns, which is an astonishing amount of financial aid for Afghan survivors. This sum has already supplied the civilists with over five million liters of fresh drinking water and over a hundred first aid kits for the wounded. The raised money will primarily be used to support widows, single mothers, individuals with special needs and highly vulnerable people. Later on, vaccines and tents will also be boughtContinue Reading

Not every glass bottle is the same. In the Czech Republic, there is a long running programme of recycling glass beer bottles. In most bigger Supermarkets, customers have the opportunity to return undamaged glass containers for the alcoholic drink, and in return, they receive 3 crowns per bottle. With an average beer consumption of more than 300 bottles per year per person, this cash is welcome by many. Furthermore, it lowers the trash output of households and helps the environment. While the programme cost a lot to implement, it is now successfully running for years, so soft drink companies are now deciding to jump on the ‘recycling train’ too. Both the Kofola and the Mattoni 1873 companies are planning toContinue Reading

In the past, the Czech Republic has been fighting with the shortage of medics over and over again. In the near future, Czech might be facing a serious lack of general nurses once again. The analysis results, provided by several Czech universities, show that there are many young students interested in following a path of becoming a nurse, however, the problem is that many universities have a limited number of students they are able to accept. According to research, it seems that way more students would like to choose the career of a nurse than before the covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, nursing schools all over the country report an excessive number of this year’s applicants. Thus, the Ministry of Health isContinue Reading

The 47th annual rendition of the agricultural fair Země živitelka, loosely translated – Earth, the provider, has started in České Budějovice. After 2 years of absence, the biggest celebration of agriculture in the Czech Republic is back, and the whole event started with the reveal of the newly modernized pavilion Národní pavilion Z. This building cost the Exhibition Grounds of České Budějovice more than 135 million crowns, so it was only right to reveal it at the start of the Země živitelka fair, according to the chairman of the board of the company, Martin Karban. Guests are welcome to come enjoy the fair by inspecting farm equipment, sampling farm produce, or exploring agricultural life through conversations with farmers. Visitors onlyContinue Reading