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Vaccination politics affect marketing

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Among other heated topics, vaccination has been one of the most volatile conversation subjects in our society for a while now, dividing many families, teams and friendships. On one end, there are medical professionals who dedicate their lives to inventing the best possible protection for people against a quite deadly disease, and on the other side of the argument, there are internet guru’s, who exploit people’s skepticism and bad past experiences to make a profit for themselves. Unluckily, many people are quick to trust fake news about both the covid vaccine and other vaccines before it. Thus, when the owner of the Slovakian company Sedita, which supplies both halves of former Czechoslovakia with chocolate covered wafers, stated that: “unvaccinated people should sit at home”, he stirred up a lot of anger. He said this as a part of a larger interview, but many anti-vaccinators caught onto this line, and started demonstrating their disagreement. They did so on social media, threatening to never buy their products, such as Horalky, from the company again, or taking videos of themselves destroying the wafers produced by the company with hammers. On the other hand, many of those who support the vaccine were appreciative of a big company owner breaking the veil of marketing, and speaking out for the vaccine.

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