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Political parties have their numbers

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As per tradition, the Governmental elections commission organized a draw of numbers for the political parties in the upcoming elections. Since some people have a spiritual connection to some numbers, such as the lucky number 7 or the unlucky 13, each political party or coalition gets their number assigned in a public random draw. During it, Eva Krumpová, Vice-Chairwoman of the Czech Statistical Office, and Tomáš Jirovec, Acting Director of the Election Department, drew out envelopes from two clear containers. One container contained envelopes with the names of the 22 parties or coalition which are in the election race, and the other contained numbers from 1 to 22. Thus, when each party was drawn, their number was simultaneously drawn from the second container. Two officials from different organizations were present to make the whole process even more transparent. Now, the parties are free to include their numbers in their campaign, because these numbers dictate their order on the election ballot and on various government websites. If the parties successfully embed their numbers in their campaign, it will be easier for voters to find them during election day. There will be a total of two election days. Czechs will have the opportunity to vote on Friday October 8th during the afternoon (14:00 – 22:00) and the following day, Saturday October 9th, throughout the morning      (8:00  – 14:00). During this time, we will have the unique opportunity to choose 200 members of parliament. 

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