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Piráti a STAN coalition on the hunt for the votes of pensioners

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As the campaigns of all Czech political parties proceed, the Piráti a STAN coalition is experiencing quite a downfall. Now, they have decided to move forward with their desire to win more voters over to their side. Throughout September, PirSTAN members will get on the road in a minibus called the Silver Arrow and they will head to senior houses all over the Czech Republic in order to propose their brand new Silver program, a list of arguments on why seniors should vote for the mentioned coalition in the upcoming election. The program apparently includes topics such as the increase of pension salary, housing, services and security. Piráti a STAN express that with their agenda, they would like to help the elderly stay independent and show them that they can help the future of the country even at their age. Apart from that, the coalition offers to focus on the development of health care and social services for the seniors. Interestingly, they also plan to educate the Czech senior citizens about disinformation and fraud attempts targeted at the older population. The first location the Silver Arrow will visit on September 2nd will be the Liberec Region. Their final destination will be Olomouc on September 30th. Whether this new campaign strategy will be worthwhile for PirSTAN is soon to be determined.

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