On Monday, 10 children had to be evacuated from a summer camp in Central Bohemia near Jesenice. These children were reportedly evacuated due to painful digestive problems. Their symptoms included nausea, stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhoea, and an elevated temperature. Since these symptoms likely point to the digestive system, and 10 different children got sick after the same meal, the source of their problems probably comes from the food served to them at their summer camp. After the word of this got to the Czech emergency services, 5 ambulances, a police patrol and a helicopter was dispatched. Luckily, when the paramedics arrived, the situation proved to be less dire than reported, and the helicopter was told to stand down. Nevertheless, 8 children had to be transported to nearby hospitals. The organizers of the summer camp will now face a thorough investigation performed by both the Central Bohemian Hygiene and the Czech Police. They will decide if the summer camp will be prematurely dispersed due to poor hygienic standards, which are often the cause of food poisoning, and whether the staff of it will face legal consequences.