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More homeless in Prague

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Unfortunately, there are more homeless people in Prague now. This information comes from anthropologists and psychologists of the Drop In foundation, a non-governmental non-profit organization focused on providing health and social services primarily to non-alcohol drug users, their families and loved ones. These people either decided or were forced to start living on the streets, which is a very unfortunate situation. Furthermore, regular citizens who live in the city centre, near the parks in which the homeless tend to reside, are understandably upset that their parks are littered with trash, empty bottles and syringes, and strange noises come out of there at night. Thus, politicians have to focus on both helping the homeless but also satisfying the requests of homeowners. Moreover, there has been a steep rise in the number of homeless people during the pandemic. While it is hard to keep official count, their numbers have increased, and there is also more variety among the group now. While there are those who find themselves homeless frequently, there are also newly homeless people, who have never experienced life on the streets, which is a very sad trend, according to anthropologist Petr Vašát.

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