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Satellite internet in Czechia

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According to recent developments on the website of the Czech Telecommunications Office, Starlink, a company founded by American visionary Elon Musk dedicated to providing internet connection to remote locations, aims to start providing its services in the Czech Republic as early as this September. This news is surprising, as the company officially only announced that they are planning to start operating in Czechia in 2022. Thus, some debate the extent of the operations that will start taking place, with many assuming that this September could just mean the start of private testing of the services on Czech soil. One way or another, it seems that satellite internet in Czechia is just around the corner. The technology aims to provide reliable 5G connection in remote locations with poor ground cable infrastructure. The connection is provided from a network of more than 1500 satellites brought into space by SpaceX, and provides an alternative to cables on the ground or mobile data from phone operators. Other companies have also ventured into the business of satellite internet, but Starlink currently has the most satellites in space. Still, some are sceptical about the whole venture, claiming that the initial investment of bringing hundreds of satellites into space is unlikely to pay off.

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