The C295 CASA is a Spanish-made military transport and surveillance aircraft that has been used by countless European armies, including the Czech one. The Czech Army has been using this type of aircraft for more than ten years, with one continuously deployed since 2013 in a surveillance mission over the Sinai Peninsula. Since these machines proved reliable, the Czech Army has decided to order two more of them. The two new planes were ordered with state of the art equipment and an upgrade for the already owned fleet of four CASA’s was ordered too. Now, the Czech Military accepted the second new plane and landed it in Kbely yesterday. This plane cost the taxpayers 2.3 billion crowns, but it willContinue Reading

The objective of any loyalty program is to generate repeat visits. It is believed the first modern loyalty program commenced in 1793, when a Sudbury, New Hampshire merchant began rewarding customers with copper tokens. People could accumulate the tokens and use them for future purchases. The idea has been replicated by other retailers over the centuries — from branded metal tokens, over cutting-out trademarks from product packaging, various paper checks, tickets, certificates, and coupons, to plastic cards, stamps, miles, and points. But customers are not the same now as they were back then. We spend nearly a few hours a day on our mobile phones nowadays. Mobile phones allow us to stay connected, shop, or stay informed. And we haveContinue Reading

Today, the government and the ČEZ Group have announced that they will sign an official document communicating their support for the construction of a factory for electric car batteries. The provisional name of this large scale industrial project is ‘The Gigafactory’. The initial first phase investment is set to be at least 52 billion crowns, and will be made by ČEZ and one of two subjects of international scale, who were not officially revealed yet. One of them was previously rumoured to be the Volkswagen AG, to which the Czech car brand Škoda belongs. Volkswagen both fits the description of the two subjects and previously announced that it is planning to construct 6 lithium battery factories in Europe. This projectContinue Reading

Admission procedures, business meetings, but also gatherings with family members or friends. Over the last year, all of these events had at least partially moved to the online environment. And the same can be said about various entrance exams and other tests. Universities and other institutions had to suddenly face the challenges of arranging fair online entrance exams for thousands of applicants. Fortunately, the helping solution that made the situation easier for both examiners and examiners was already present. It is the way of remote supervision called AI proctoring. The main task of proctoring AI is to prevent possible test fraud. Due to the supervision abilities of these solutions, it is almost impossible for others than test participants to takeContinue Reading

Investor appetite sees oversubscription of seed round Czech-born Goldilock has closed its oversubscribed Seed financing round, managing to raise over 1 million USD. This caps off a dynamic first two quarters of 2021. Hot on the heels of receiving a patent for True Remote Automated Airgap Security, Goldilock also signed its first Value Added Distributor, Cefiros, for the Iberic and Latin American cybersecurity markets in March 2021. Earlier in the year Goldilock also announced the win of Fintech Moneyzoom for part of their cybersecurity solutions as well as being accepted into Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, for an extended residency program. CEO and Founder, Tony Hasek, points out that “the last 30 years has seen exponential adoption of theContinue Reading

Within the central European car market, customers sometimes stumble upon cars with illegally decreased mileage. Since cars are partly evaluated based on the distance travelled with them, which correlates to the wear and tear on the components of the vehicles, some sellers decide to illegally increase their profits by hacking the on-board computers of used cars and taking a few thousand kilometres off. However, the police as well as the customers have become increasingly diligent about verifying the mileage of a car. Recently a case like those described in the previous sentences has surfaced, which has engraved itself into the record books of the Czech police. Crime investigators have found out that a 38-year old man has likely taken aboutContinue Reading

Ensuring fair, efficient, and reliable supervision of various online exams and tests. This is the main task of the new technology developed by the Czech companies Scio and Born Digital. The solution uses artificial intelligence to guarantee the correctness of exams and facilitates the work in the online environment for both examiners and examiners. The developed product called ScioLink is unique not only in the Czech but also in the global market. During the last and current school year, the Scio educational company had to provide the Czech National Comparative Examinations (NSZ), which replace or supplement the entrance examinations for dozens of universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in an online version. The unplanned solution had to be developedContinue Reading