Summer vacations are awesome, right? Returning from a break isn’t that much fun anymore. Before diving back into your emails and projects, let me get you an idea of how things were while you were gone. After years of shaking out who is who, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are pretty much the only Android players left in the mobile wallet transaction market in the United States — both supporting a pretty big variety of mobile phone brands. The bad news, though, is that they are both getting slaughtered by Apple Pay. A study by Pulse, an electronic funds transfer company, has been published, stated that payments using Apple Pay account for the staggering 92% of all mobile wallet paymentsContinue Reading

By working together with the integrator Balíkobot, operating on the platform, is opening the capacity of its Alzaboxes to carriers and interested buyers from an array of e-shops. Now, every partner connected to Balíkobot, as well as the customers of thousands of e-shops, both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, can have their parcels delivered using the most robust network of lockers with over 100,000 collection boxes located all across both countries., together with Balíkobot, joined its network of AlzaBoxes with the platform. Both companies working together provide higher-quality delivery services, particularly for e-shop customers, as well as all the other customers of over 2,500 entities collaborating with the tech-logistics integrator Balíkobot. This allows for theContinue Reading

According to recent developments on the website of the Czech Telecommunications Office, Starlink, a company founded by American visionary Elon Musk dedicated to providing internet connection to remote locations, aims to start providing its services in the Czech Republic as early as this September. This news is surprising, as the company officially only announced that they are planning to start operating in Czechia in 2022. Thus, some debate the extent of the operations that will start taking place, with many assuming that this September could just mean the start of private testing of the services on Czech soil. One way or another, it seems that satellite internet in Czechia is just around the corner. The technology aims to provide reliableContinue Reading

Mobile wallets — launched just about a decade ago — have become popular as they are very convenient to use. Mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay count also to the most preferred ways people want to stay updated on deals, promotions, and discounts. People expect their mobile wallets to spoil them with offers and targeted notifications. Beyond easy payments by tapping the mobile phone, mobile wallets allow people to store, use and manage digital content from their favorite businesses. Digital coupons, loyalty cards, event tickets, boarding passes, and much more … Like every other mobile app, mobile wallets also feature push notifications. These messages would pop up as a banner on the lock screen of a mobileContinue Reading

A chatbot is a great way to make internet communication more pleasant for both customers and companies. At the beginning of the millennium, people would probably laugh at this sentence. But today, the reactions are different. The main reason for this change is Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is this branch of artificial intelligence science, that has transformed the clumsy and cumbersome automata into today’s clever chatbots, which you can hardly tell from people sometimes. Thanks to NLP, artificial intelligence learns to understand something as complex as human communication. “The natural speech that people use to speak to each other is entirely different from the abbreviations, phrases, and slogans spoken by the first chatbots. Thanks to NLP, AI is finallyContinue Reading

The C295 CASA is a Spanish-made military transport and surveillance aircraft that has been used by countless European armies, including the Czech one. The Czech Army has been using this type of aircraft for more than ten years, with one continuously deployed since 2013 in a surveillance mission over the Sinai Peninsula. Since these machines proved reliable, the Czech Army has decided to order two more of them. The two new planes were ordered with state of the art equipment and an upgrade for the already owned fleet of four CASA’s was ordered too. Now, the Czech Military accepted the second new plane and landed it in Kbely yesterday. This plane cost the taxpayers 2.3 billion crowns, but it willContinue Reading

The objective of any loyalty program is to generate repeat visits. It is believed the first modern loyalty program commenced in 1793, when a Sudbury, New Hampshire merchant began rewarding customers with copper tokens. People could accumulate the tokens and use them for future purchases. The idea has been replicated by other retailers over the centuries — from branded metal tokens, over cutting-out trademarks from product packaging, various paper checks, tickets, certificates, and coupons, to plastic cards, stamps, miles, and points. But customers are not the same now as they were back then. We spend nearly a few hours a day on our mobile phones nowadays. Mobile phones allow us to stay connected, shop, or stay informed. And we haveContinue Reading