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Czech-born Goldilock has closed its oversubscribed Seed financing round, managing to raise over 1 million USD.

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Investor appetite sees oversubscription of seed round

Czech-born Goldilock has closed its oversubscribed Seed financing round, managing to raise over 1 million USD. This caps off a dynamic first two quarters of 2021.

Hot on the heels of receiving a patent for True Remote Automated Airgap Security, Goldilock also signed its first Value Added Distributor, Cefiros, for the Iberic and Latin American cybersecurity markets in March 2021. Earlier in the year Goldilock also announced the win of Fintech Moneyzoom for part of their cybersecurity solutions as well as being accepted into Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, for an extended residency program.

CEO and Founder, Tony Hasek, points out that “the last 30 years has seen exponential adoption of the internet and the last decade especially has seem a massive migration of data to the cloud. However, this hyperconnectivity has made the common user, as well as governments and companies, a prime target for criminal activity”. Explaining further, he adds that protecting networks, systems and data from cyber-attacks has thus become a must for anyone connecting to the Web. “The global cyber security market size was estimated at USD 167.13 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 179.96 billion in 2021. Goldilock’s unique offline True Airgap solution is being recognized as a must have for organizations by our investors. Many of our Angel investors decided to increase their investments during this Seed round, which is a clear vote of confidence in our amazing team and now patented product.”

Justin Gan, an investor who partook in this Seed round, feels that “Goldilock provides the ultimate security solution, true air gapped security. As an investor I am looking for a niche product that is a solution to an existing worldwide problem with solid IP protection and a scalability that allows for exponential growth.”

Jon Gruen, Founding Partner at Gothams, has been watching Goldilock’s rise: “Part of the satisfaction of an acceleration process is seeing our startups growing, expanding and experiencing success,” adding “Goldilock took part in the Mubadala partnered Gothams Hub71 acceleration program in Q4 2020, which supports next generation aerospace and defense start-ups. The positive response from Seed investors to their Airgap concept is honestly no surprise to us and we expect that the Goldilock RAAS solution will be embraced by multiple vertical sectors.

This sentiment is echoed by Magdalena Balcerzak, Manager at Vestbee. “Our work as Vestbee, the biggest matchmaking platform in CEE for startups and investors, involves uncovering for the world regional startup gems that have the potential to scale. Goldilock was voted into 3rd place of our Vestbee CEE Scaleup Challenge as they stand out from other companies by presenting an interesting and innovative Airgap offering appreciated by a wide network of leading investors. We cross our fingers for their further successes!”

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts global cybercrime costs will grow by 15% percent per year over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025. This is leading more and more companies in all segments to take a long, hard look at the quality of their cybersecurity solutions.


Delving into the revolutionary technology behind Goldilock’s simple yet powerful airgap solution, Tony points out that: “Our TrueAirgap allows IT infrastructure and digital assets to be active and immediately available online via an “out-of-band” trigger mechanism, while being physically disconnected and invisible from the Internet or network when not in use by an authorized user.”

When asked about initial client feedback, Tony recalls one memorable statement that summarizes how the simplicity of his idea translates to the simplicity of its installation and usage: “Thank you for this, Goldilock Team. It is quite easy to use.”


  • Goldilock redefines and revolutionizes how sensitive digital data is handled by individuals and institutions. Key benefits include:
  • Solves the failings of both hot and cold storage while keeping all the advantages
  • Data is stored securely offline – invisible, segregated, and physically disconnected
  • Data and devices can be brought on or offline, in seconds, from anywhere on earth, without dangerous human intervention and most importantly, without using internet.
  • Entails unique out-of-band methods of authentication which cannot be triggered by devices located on the same network that Goldilock is protecting.


“Users need access to their sensitive data quickly, but often only occasionally and for short periods of time. Otherwise, online data is more useful to hackers than the rightful owners. Goldilock technology is thus built on three core premises” explains Hasek the thinking behind their 3 premises:

  1. Sensitive data must be isolated, secured from physical contact and related human error, and fully backed-up.
  2. Sensitive data must be quickly accessible when needed.
  3. Our patent-pending technology treats these premises as requirements to make sensitive data and IT infrastructure more secure without sacrificing accessibility.

Safe access is also integral to the actual process of connecting to one’s data and is what sets the Goldilock solution apart: “We provide an isolation layer to segregate and secure digital assets for institutions” summarizes Hasek, adding that whilst the Airgap connection process is taking place, a complex set of 17 security steps is taking place in the background. “Our technology provides a remote physical disconnection of data from the internet, with the system leveraging biometrics, multi-factor authentication, regressive out-of-band technology triggers, and cryptography to keep your sensitive digital assets physically segregated from network access, while still having them accessible at a moment’s notice.”


Goldilock is a simple yet revolutionary next generation patented technology that secures sensitive data and critical infrastructure on the internet and internal networks by utilising a True Airgap, which can be controlled without using the internet via out-of-band trigger mechanisms. Founded in 2017, Goldilock recently successfully exited the Mubadala x Gothams x Hub71 accelerator in Abu Dhabi. In December 2020 Goldilock was voted a top 3 Central and Eastern European Scaleup in the VestBee CEE Scaleup Challenge. In January 2021, Goldilock was accepted to Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, where it will gain access to a range of incentives, commercial and investment opportunities to support the company’s growth. Goldilock closed its oversubscribed Seed investment round at the end of May, raising more than 1 million USD.

See Goldilock CEO and Founder Tony Hasek present Goldilock:

For more information, please contact:

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