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Kilometres could mean years in prison

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Within the central European car market, customers sometimes stumble upon cars with illegally decreased mileage. Since cars are partly evaluated based on the distance travelled with them, which correlates to the wear and tear on the components of the vehicles, some sellers decide to illegally increase their profits by hacking the on-board computers of used cars and taking a few thousand kilometres off. However, the police as well as the customers have become increasingly diligent about verifying the mileage of a car. Recently a case like those described in the previous sentences has surfaced, which has engraved itself into the record books of the Czech police. Crime investigators have found out that a 38-year old man has likely taken about a record 600,000 kilometres off of his car before trying to sell it. When he sold this car to his customer in Třebíč, he had declared that the car had only driven 40 000 kilometres. However, after over 400,000 crowns had been paid for the car, it came with a missing tachograph. This was a red flag to the buyer, who immediately went to a nearby car repair shop, where he was told the car had driven way over 640,000 kilometres. Later, this purchase was valued at just 55 000 crowns. The police have announced that this stunt could cost the seller, who intentionally deceived the buyer about the car’s mileage, up to 5 years in prison for fraud.

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