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The Trend for Electric Cars is Growing in the Czech Republic. Soon There Will Be No Option.

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Electric cars have gained significant popularity in the EU, surpassing the sales of diesel cars. While the Czech Republic has not seen as many electric car sales as some other EU-27 countries, there is a growing interest in them. Dealers attribute this interest to the expanding network of chargers. However, the relatively low number of electric cars in the country is mainly due to their high price.

Although cars with “EL” registration plates are not uncommon in the Czech Republic, they are not yet dominant on the roads. Even Skoda, a major automaker in the country, primarily directs its electric production to Germany and the UK.

In the first half of the year, electric car sales in the Czech Republic increased by more than half, totaling around three thousand. However, compared to the EU average, the Czech Republic lags significantly in electric car adoption. Petrol cars outsell pure electric ones by twenty times, and diesel cars outsell them by nine times.

Josef Pokorný, secretary of the Association of Automobile Importers, notes that interest in electric cars in the Czech Republic is comparatively low, even when compared to countries of similar economic status or even poorer nations like Romania or Portugal, where electric car sales are higher.

One significant obstacle to greater electric car sales in the Czech Republic is the high price of these vehicles, which carmakers promise to reduce in the future. Currently, electric models are priced at about two-thirds more, and sometimes twice as much, as their combustion engine counterparts.

Despite the challenges, there is hope for increased adoption of electric vehicles in the Czech Republic. Škoda Auto spokesperson Pavel Jína points to the developing charging infrastructure as a driving force behind rising electric car sales. He envisions a future where the choice between electric and petrol vehicles will no longer exist, as the company plans to produce either electric vehicles or electric components at all their plants.

Skoda’s plans include offering six more fully electric cars by 2026, while Hyundai also intends to expand its electric portfolio. Toyota, another automaker operating in the Czech Republic, has seen growing interest in hybrid powertrains from both businesses and private customers. Within the Toyota group, electrified cars already constitute more than 70 percent, and for Lexus, it’s over 90 percent.

However, the adoption of hydrogen cars in the Czech Republic faces a significant hurdle due to the scarcity of public refueling stations, with only two currently available.

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