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AlzaBoxes are opening to thousands of e-shops and carriers, as and join forces

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By working together with the integrator Balíkobot, operating on the platform, is opening the capacity of its Alzaboxes to carriers and interested buyers from an array of e-shops. Now, every partner connected to Balíkobot, as well as the customers of thousands of e-shops, both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, can have their parcels delivered using the most robust network of lockers with over 100,000 collection boxes located all across both countries., together with Balíkobot, joined its network of AlzaBoxes with the platform. Both companies working together provide higher-quality delivery services, particularly for e-shop customers, as well as all the other customers of over 2,500 entities collaborating with the tech-logistics integrator Balíkobot. This allows for the addition of over 1,000 new collection points, numbering over 100,000 collection boxes.

“Our goal is to make AlzaBoxes as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. Customers continue to prioritise picking up their orders in person, especially considering the increased time flexibility, safety, and selection options. Thanks to our joining with, we can open Alzaboxes to the other e-commerce players and enable goods from thousands of Czech and Slovak e-shops to be delivered to them. Therefore, customers can have their orders delivered using the most robust and dense network of collection boxes on the market, numbering more than 1,000 collection points,” stated Jan Moudřík, the Director of Expansion and Facility Management at

“This unique joining of platforms will accelerate deliveries for our partners and expand the number of places where their customers can pick up goods according to their own available time, with zero waiting nor restrictive opening hours,” says Martin Coufal of “In the spring, we successfully integrated AlzaBoxes to and tested every functionality point. Now, we’re gradually placing them on-site, so that all of the planned 1,500 AlzaBoxes and their 150,000 collection boxes will be accessible via,” specified Coufal.

Since the start of last year, increased the capacity of its network of collection points five times over to reach the current more than 100,000 available boxes. By the midway point of next year, the largest Czech e-shop wants to triple this number and operate over 3,000 AlzaBoxes in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

The popularity of having orders delivered using AlzaBoxes continues to grow. At the same time, increasing the network’s capacity and the simplicity of picking up one’s items are changing customer behaviour. Customers have noticed that they no longer need to adjust their daily programme to fit the courier’s expected arrival, nor to match some collection point’s opening hours. Rather, they can pick up their parcel with zero lines and in a matter of seconds. As for last year’s margin, the share number of parcels delivered via AlzaBoxes reached 6%. Today, one in every three parcels is delivered using the Alza e-shop.

The advantage to using AlzaBoxes is that the customer doesn’t need anything to make their pick up. Everyone from a small child to a senior citizen can operate the box; no smartphone nor technical skills

required. They don’t even need to pay in advance because the Alzabox itself takes payments. The entire process is just as easy as drawing money from an ATM.

About Balíkobot:

Balíkobot is data connection technology for carriers that helps companies accelerate and streamline the expedition of goods. It is integrated directly into the administration of the ERP, WMS, e-shop systems, or its own solution. Included in the integration is the printing of address labels, data validation, sending data to carriers, parcel tracking (Track & Trace), and other services performed automatically or with a single click. Thus, it automates the actual logistic processes, increases deliverability, and enables the use of accompanying functions for marketing intervention. The service has been on the market since 2014, comprises of over 2,500 clients, and is integrated with more than 100 systems. In the third quarter of 2020, it expanded its portfolio with the new service This platform exploits the open capacity of boxes and makes them accessible to users from an array of senders, carriers, and consumers in an individual format. More information can be found at and

About a.s.:

The leader in the online market and a trendsetter. This is Alza. Its record overturn in 2020 is a witness to this, as Alza brought in CZK 37 million, excluding VAT, as too are its many innovations in the field of e-commerce, such as its own delivery service AlzaExpres, the implementation of shared logistics Liftago, the payment and sale of BTC and LTC, the online sale of electric vehicles and solar power stations, the testing of reusable REPETEBOXES, the introduction of the unique services AlzaNEO and Alza Invoice Financing, lessons at Prague University of Economics and Business, the private brands AlzaPower and AlzaEco, the expansion to other EU countries, and the development of the platform Alza Marketplace for external suppliers. Customers can pick up their orders from the wide network of non-stop AlzaBoxes that already provide over 100,000 collection boxes. Alza acts responsibly; it’s currently joined over 80 non-profit organisations to its CSR platform Aid Constellation and it regularly helps animal shelters with its project Alza for Animals. You’ll find Alza’s most important milestones here.

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