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New iPhone 15 with a More Attractive Price. Pre-sales Start on Friday.

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Apple unveiled four new iPhone 15 models on Tuesday night, setting a new standard in terms of performance, durability, and camera quality while offering more appealing price points compared to last year’s iPhone 14 lineup.

Last year, the base iPhone 14 was priced at CZK 26,490, with its larger counterpart, the 14 Plus, retailing at CZK 29,990. However, despite the considerable enhancements, potential buyers will find the iPhone 15 available at a more attractive price of CZK 23,990, while the 15 Plus version will cost CZK 26,990.

These more enticing price tags also extend to the advanced models of the Pro edition. Whereas the iPhone 14 Pro started at CZK 33,490 last year, and the 14 Pro Max version was priced at CZK 36,990, the iPhone 15 models come with noticeably lower price points.

The new iPhone 15 Pro, in particular, dips below the CZK 30,000 mark, starting at CZK 29,990. The 15 Pro Max version begins at CZK 35,990, once again reflecting a lower price than the previous iteration.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series commence this week, on Friday, September 15, at 14:00. Retailers are expected to have the new phones in stock a week later, on Friday, September 22. However, given the anticipated high demand, it’s likely that most of the available stock will be reserved during the pre-order phase.

What can you expect from the new iPhone 15 models?

The core of the lineup consists of the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, offering 6.1- and 6.7-inch displays, respectively. Taking a cue from last year’s premium models, they feature a dynamic bezel instead of a display cutout for the camera and other sensors.

Apple has invested significantly in camera quality for these models, ensuring that even the base iPhones will offer double optical zoom. The primary sensor on the back boasts an impressive 48 MP resolution.

Moving on to the more advanced iPhones, the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max maintain the same diagonal sizes, 6.1 and 6.7 inches, respectively, but their bodies are crafted from titanium alloy. They are equipped with the powerful Apple A17 Pro chips, touted as the most powerful in the mobile world, resulting in higher performance compared to the basic 15 models.

Gamers will appreciate the improved graphics with hardware support for ray tracing, enabling more realistic rendering of lights, shadows, and reflections in games, a feature previously found mainly in gaming laptops.

The camera setup on the back includes three lenses, with a notable addition being a new zoom lens capable of up to five times zoom, compared to the three times zoom of the previous iPhone 14 Pro. The primary sensor boasts an impressive 48MP resolution, accompanied by a 12MP telephoto lens and a 12MP wide-angle lens.

Additionally, all models now feature a USB-C connector, enhancing connectivity options.



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