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TikTok Was Fined for EUR 345 Million in the EU for Processing Children’s Personal Data

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TikTok, the Chinese social network has incurred a substantial fine of €345 million (equivalent to CZK 8.45 billion) within the European Union. This significant penalty results from TikTok’s breach of EU data protection regulations concerning the processing of children’s personal data. The Irish Data Protection Authority (DPC) announced this fine, as reported by Reuters.

The violations in question took place during the period between July 31 and December 31, 2020, marking the first instance in which TikTok or its parent company has faced sanctions from the DPC, according to Reuters.

The company operating the Chinese app contests both the decision and the fine amount, asserting that it has already addressed many of the issues raised through modifications to its privacy policy.

The DPC holds a pivotal role as the primary data protection regulator overseeing numerous major technology companies operating within the European Union.



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