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Millions as explosion compensation

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In 2014, two ammunition depots exploded in the village Vrbětice in the Zlín region, Czech Republic. The first explosion, that occurred in October, took two lives and both the explosions have severely impacted the lives of all the citizens of Vrbětice and nearby villages. Since then, the Security Information Service (BIS) of the Czech Republic has been investigating what was supposedly an accident. In the spring of 2021, BIS has suggested that the Russian secret service could have been involved. On account of these suspicions, the Czech-Russian crisis has begun. On Wednesday, August 18th, the Senate of the Czech Republic approved a compensation of nearly 700 million Czech crowns to the Zlín District, the nearby villages and their inhabitants. The law was unanimously signed by a majority of senators, none of those present at the hearing voted against. The sum will be distributed as follows: 59 million Czech crowns to the District of Zlín, nearly 310 million to the villages near Vrbětice and 291 million to the people. The sum should compensate for the inconveniences caused by the Vrbětice incident as well as improve living conditions, which were significantly worsened by the consequences of the explosion.

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