Despite the promising pace of economic growth, access to electricity for consumers and businesses in the poorer areas of Cambodia still remains low. The predominant sources of energy here are typically expensive and environmentally unsustainable.  That’s why at the beginning of last year, with support from the European Union and the Czech Development Agency People in Need launched a four-year project called SWITCH to Solar, which in total will help over a million Cambodians primarily from rural areas. The goal of the project is to enable small, medium and micro-enterprises switch from using unsustainable energy to solar energy and thus help improve consumer habits in rural areas of Cambodia. The project will thus also support sustainable and inclusive economic growthContinue Reading

The Czech army will be calling on active reserve soldiers to assist at the National Vaccination Centre in Prague, where they will aid existing personel at the Central Military Hospital. According to a report from CzDefense, the Army will deploy the active reserve from July 14 to August 15, 2021. The decision was made by Chief of General Staff, Army General Aleš Opata. “The reservists helped volunteers throughout the pandemic in various ways. Now is the time to call them to the service. We also want to verify the process of mass calling in Active Reserve, which has been governed by new legislation since 2016,” General Opata explains. “We are considering the operational deployment of the Active Reserve for eachContinue Reading

The National Museum gets a lot of attention and rightfully so, but did you know Prague has its own museum of public transport? This month the museum is celebrating 29 years since opening to the public. The museum is located in a tram depot from 1909 which is on its own listed as a technical monument, making the entire visit even better. You can see a unique collection of historic trams, trolley buses, Tatra buses or wagons from the old metros. You can learn about how public transport technology has developed and changed over the years, and all around the museum there are panels mapping the evolution of public transport in Prague for the last 140 years. You can alsoContinue Reading

As expected, inflation is bumping up food prices in the Czech Republic, forcing manufacturers to get creative so consumers don’t notice, Yookie reports. According to Lukáš Kovanda, chief economist at Trinity Bank, food and non-alcoholic beverages went up by 4.5% last year, and companies have inconspicuously reduced the volume of their products in an attempt to hide what’s going on. “There is now a lot of concern among Czechs that inflation will keep on intensifying. The leading representatives of the Czech National Bank are therefore going on a media offensive in which they try and assure the public that they’ll curb inflation.” “Food producers know this. Therefore, recently they’ve had to intensify the practice of inconspicuously reducing the volume orContinue Reading