In the future, the Czech government would like to deepen the economic relations with Saudi Arabia. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jakub Kulhánek suggested a strategic partnership between the two countries. Over the past four years, the alliance has been experiencing a mild downfall due to the fluctuations regarding the oil business, the 10% increase in tariff payments as well as the global pandemic situation. Despite such obstacles, the export of Czech cars, computer particles and steel to Saudi Arabia prosperously continued. However, the import of petroleum products from the Western-Asian country to Central Europe has been rather unstable. Saudi Arabia presented Vision 2030, a plan that aims to liberalize the overall economy while decreasing the country’s dependence on miningContinue Reading

The International Energy Agency, situated in Paris, took a closer look into the energy policy of the Czech Republic. After thorough examinations, the IEC declared that in order to reach the energy and climate quotas, set by the European Union for the year 2030, Czechia will have to reduce the usage of coal much sooner than expected. As for now, nearly a half of the electric energy produced in the Czech Republic is dependent on coal. The IEC recommends the Czech government to develop more low-carbon energy resources in the country and start using them effectively. To maintain a neat energy system that will support the republic’s future economy, it is crucial to generally shift to more environmentally friendly sustainableContinue Reading

On Sunday, Alexander Franchetti was arrested at the Václav Havel airport. Ukraine issued an international arrest warrant on this Russian man known to be tied to the Crimean Crisis of 2014. Back then, the Russian Federation annexed the Crimean Peninsula that lawfully belonged to Ukraine. Franchetti was at the time the head of an army formation that had a significant part in the annexation process. Since the year 2000, he has been living in Prague  but often leaves for Sevastopol. The Russian detectives have requested a thorough examination of the legal reasons for the arrest of a Russian citizen as they are highly suspicious of the process. Diplomats from the Russian Embassy in Prague are in contact with Franchetti’s familyContinue Reading

It was just after six o’clock in Prague when one of my roommates, Barton, a tall, laconic Texan who had been a basketball star in his youth, entered our flat in Vinohrady and said with characteristic stoicism, “Someone blew up the Twin Towers.” He might as well have been talking about the Laundromat changing its weekend hours, judging by his tone. It was a Tuesday (as you know), and Barton was returning from his afternoon duties teaching business English to a crew of budding capitalists somewhere downtown. I had been home for a few hours after wrapping up my own classes in Malá Strana, at a private language school next to the American Embassy and just a stone’s throw fromContinue Reading

The Czech Republic has been annually providing financial aid to Afghanistan since 2018. This year, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs initially planned to send 40 million Czech crowns over to Afghanistan. One part of the sum was meant to help the local agriculture, education and country’s development overall. The second part was intended for the departments of Afghan security services and defensive forces such as army and police. This year, due to the unexpected circumstances of the Taliban gaining power over the country, the resort has decided to change the use of the money and postpone the second part of the payment. The Czech Embassy in Afghanistan was also supposed to receive an investment, however, the institute has been closedContinue Reading

The delegation of Taiwan, officially under the Chinese government, gifted a cheque worth 6,5 million Czech crowns to the South Moravian Region. The large sum gifted by the government is meant to help with the reconstructions after a tornado devastated the region in June 2021. Numerous states, regions and cities have reached out to provide financial aid for Czechia to help with the tornado’s consequences and contribute to a better future for Moravia. Taiwan’s donation, however, is amongst the most generous ones and they are also one of the first ones to act. On Wednesday, Jan Grolich, the governor of the South Bohemian Region, met with Liang-Ruye Ke, the director of the economic and cultural office of Taipei,  in Lužice,Continue Reading

Throughout years, Georgia actively participated in the NATO-led operations in Afghanistan – the InternationalSecurity Assistance Force (ISAF) and the Resolute Support Mission (RSM). At the peak of the operation ISAF in2012-2014, Georgia had up to 1500 military personnel on the ground. As part of the RSM mission, Georgia haddeployed 857 personnel under different Allied commands being the largest per-capita contributor to the missionand the single largest non-NATO provider of manpower. During these missions Georgia’s airspace and its territorywas used as a transit route to Afghanistan.At the final stage of the RSM mission, we supported withdrawal of the NATO and partner forces from Afghanistanproviding the host nation support and full transit opportunities through our territory.Today, when the tragic events in AfghanistanContinue Reading

Jakub Kulhánek, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, signed a financial aid agreement in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The Czech Republic has offered to help the situation on the Lithuania – Belarus border, where nowadays plenty of illegal immigrants suffer, unallowed to enter either of the countries. Several politicians agree that the current situation is caused by the Belarusian president himself. Supposedly, his team relocates migrants from African and Middle Eastern countries to the EU borders. According to them, the ongoing migration is Lukašenko’s step towards destabilizing Lithuania and followingly the entire European Union. Moreover, two Belarusian opposition leaders that have repeatedly discussed the improper leadership of their president are now being charged by the Belarusian court for their actionsContinue Reading

The Czech army’s three special evacuation flights have brought 195 people from Afghanistan, the country currently in the hands of Taliban. At this time, 169 rescued Afghans are staying in a two-week quarantine in the Czech Republic due to the pandemic restrictions. Since their time in isolation is about to reach its end, the government is discussing their future personally with each and every one of them. Most of them are Czech allies, collaborators, Afghans with permanent residence in the Czech Republic and their families that have previously worked with the Czech army and government. Consequently, 152 Afghans filed a request for asylum or additional protection in the Czech Republic. They are to be moved under the administration of theContinue Reading

As the crisis in Afghanistan continues, many countries across the globe are trying to provide as much help as they can to those who are suffering. The Czech Republic is no exception. The Czech non-governmental organization People in Need and the UNICEF ČR organization combined have raised more than 3 800 000 Czech crowns, which is an astonishing amount of financial aid for Afghan survivors. This sum has already supplied the civilists with over five million liters of fresh drinking water and over a hundred first aid kits for the wounded. The raised money will primarily be used to support widows, single mothers, individuals with special needs and highly vulnerable people. Later on, vaccines and tents will also be boughtContinue Reading