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Evacuations in Afghanistan continue

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The Prague Monitor has previously mentioned the planned relocation of Czech Embassy employees from Afghanistan. Now, the process is finally in movement. On Monday morning, the 16th of August, an army aircraft landed in Prague, Czech Republic. It was the first Czech evacuation flight from Afghanistan with 46 Czech Officials, embassy workers and their family relatives on board. More evacuation flights from Kabul to Prague are expected to take place. However, the circumstances occurring at the Kabul airport might interfere with Czech government’s intentions since the Islamic movement Taliban completely took over the power and entails confusion all over the country. Especially the Afghan airport is in complete chaos at this time. The Czech-Afghan situation intensifies even more. Taliban has abducted an interpreter that has formerly worked for the Czech army. According to his brother, the Taliban men invaded his home and dragged him away from his wife and three children. Taliban set him free shortly after the interpreter’s parents begged for the release of their son. The Czech administration has been the target of criticism for their inconveniently late reaction to the Afghan crisis. Furthermore, several Afghan workers and interpreters, who cooperated with the Czech government in the past, are now disappointed that they were not provided support and assistance in relocating. These families are hiding at the airport in Kabul waiting and counting on help from the Czech authorities, meanwhile the Czech Republic is able to lend a helping hand to only a limited number of the many souls in need.

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