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2nd Czech plane successfully leaves Kabul

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The Government Special, an Airbus plane used to transport Czech officials around the world, has reported to have successfully taken off from the Kabul airport. The Kabul airport is arguably the most hectic place on Earth right now, as all Afghans who do not want to live under Sharia law of the Taliban are desperately trying to get out of the country. Mixed into this crowd are diplomats from all over the world, who are being evacuated by their respective governments back home. All this chaos ensued after the Taliban, a terrorist organization connected to the 9/11 attacks, took over the whole country over the past few days. This was a surprise even to the Taliban, so everyone in Afghanistan is currently confused, and likely also scared of the future. During the short conquest of Afghanistan by Taliban after the departure of alliance troops, the most of the 300,000 strong, fully equipped modern Afghan army seemingly gave up without a fight and let the Taliban murder, lynch and perform other monstrosities on their citizens. According to the words of the American president Joe Biden “We could not provide them with the will to fight for that (democratic) future.“ The Czech plane, which managed to get out of the chaos, is carrying home the last of Czech soldiers, diplomats, Afghan allies of the Czech Republic and two Polish citizens. The total passenger count is reportedly 87 souls. According to the Czech Ministry of defence, the Czech soldiers did everything in their power and more, to get as many eligible passengers on board as possible.

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