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Bizarre migrant story

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Despite the efforts of the EU, including various border protection programmes, some illegal migrants still manage to get into European countries without the proper paperwork. They usually aim to end their journey in wealthy big countries, such as France, Italy or Germany.  Many pay to be smuggled on trucks, many of which pass through the Czech Republic, due to its geographic location in the heart of Europe. On Tuesday, one Algerian migrant fell out of one such Truck, that was driving along on the D1 highway. Luckily, he managed to bounce off to the side of the road before he got hit by other vehicles, so he only suffered minor injuries. The 22 year old was reportedly heading to Italy. After being caught, he was first transported to the hospital, but after no major injuries were found, the police took care of him. After he was interrogated with an interpreter, the police got all the information they needed to determine, that the man was in Czechia illegally. After miraculously surviving a fall from a moving truck on a busy highway, the man will be transported to the Detention facility for foreigners in Vyšní Lhota.

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