BIS, the Security Information Service of the Czech Republic, has been ensuring the state’s safety since 1994. Its main task is to examine and resolve matters that might be threatening Czech national security. The headquarters are situated in Prague. The organization operates solely on the state’s territory, however, it takes into account any disturbing actions of other countries towards the Czech Republic. One of the cases that BIS is currently assigned to investigate is the Czech-Russian Vrbětice explosion case. Since April 2021, it has been continually discussed not just by the Czech media, but it has also appeared on a number of foreign broadcasts and it has been a huge topic amongst the Czech society. Since 2016, the director ofContinue Reading

When it comes to the formation of small businesses, Florida is a powerful state. With more than 2.5 million businesses contributing to job creation, small businesses support half of the state’s economy. These small businesses create three out of every four jobs in the state, and these enterprises also make a significant contribution to U.S. exports – they sent more than $57 billion of goods in 2018 to more than 200 countries. Meanwhile, the real estate market in Florida continues to boom. Several factors are attributed to this. Florida has no state income tax, has mild winters, an open economy, and attracts remote workers. This has all caused a resurgence in the real estate market of the state, both residentialContinue Reading

Interpol is the biggest international police organization in the world. It was created to coordinate police activity and share information about criminals between police forces across the world. The mandate of the current president of Interpol, South Korean Kim Jong Yang, is slowly coming to a close, and one of his potential successors is Czech, even though our country joined the organization just 28 years ago. Colonel Šárka Havránková is currently the vice-president of the organization for Europe and also the Head of the Department of International Police Cooperation of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic. She is currently just 45 years old and already places 115th on the Forbes list of most influential women from the Czech Republic.Continue Reading

While the demand for electronic chips has been massively outscaling their supply for some time now, further problems in the supply chain are starting to arise as car manufacturers race to offer customers fully electric variants of their vehicles. The main issue now is the lack of specific metals, necessary for the production of electric car batteries and other components vital for powering a vehicle with electricity. This is significantly slowing down the research and development of new electric vehicles. However, with the EU preliminary deadline for all vehicles being electric set to 2035, it seems likely that brands will do anything to get their hands on the materials necessary for adapting to the coming shift in the market. Thus,Continue Reading

The Czech Army has been in Afghanistan for a long time. Now that they returned, they left behind a lot of those who helped them, but are not officially a part of the Czech Army. This group is usually made up of locals who decided to join the side of the coalition forces as interpreters and guides. They promised to turn against the Taliban and hoped that the Czechs would return the favor by protecting them and their families from the jihadi tyrants. A document was signed during many of their interviews, in which Czech Republic officially promised this. However, since the coalition forces are set to fully retreat before September 11th, the only way Czechia can save these goodContinue Reading

It is very likely that cars that were flooded during the natural disaster in Germany will start appearing in European car markets, including the Czech one. These cars may be disguised as undamaged used cars by shady sellers, but they will almost definitely need significant repairs. Many may be bought by unsuspecting customers in a state which will be life-threatening. Thus, many car dealerships warn about purchasing a car from unconventional sources such as online auction halls or social media marketplaces at this time. Since about 120 000 foreign cars arrive to the Czech Republic each year, it is unlikely that at least some of them will not be from the flood-stricken regions in Germany, which is responsible for mostContinue Reading

The EU is trying to make Europe the first ‘carbon neutral continent’ since the industrial revolution. It is way ahead of the competition with the regulations already in place. USA, China and other world’s economies are apparently way behind us. Furthermore, a new package of restrictions has been drawn up, offering extra changes in an attempt to save the planet from the further strengthening of the effects of greenhouse gases . According to these plans there should be carbon tolls on imported goods manufactured in an unsustainable way, penalties for sea and road transport as a part of the emission allowance system, and a full ban on the sale of cars powered by internal combustion engines by 2035. While allContinue Reading

Less than a year remains until Czechia takes the reigns of the Council of the European union. This is a rare opportunity to focus on topics important to the Czechs, that takes place once every 14 years. All EU countries take turns at their Presidency in the Council, each for 6 months. However, this presidency, our second ever, will be special due to its potential effect on the elections this fall. Each major Czech political party has different ideas about how this opportunity should be utilized, so for some voters who are on the ropes about their choice, the party’s presidency plan could be the deciding factor. While individual parties can not choose what the EU themes will be forContinue Reading