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CzDA supports unique 3D hospital project

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A unique 3D hospital project supported by the CzDA for healthcare provision primarily in the developing world.

A unique project from the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices – a virtual 3D hospital – was presented at the end of March with the participation of representatives of member companies, involved ministries and other state institutions, including a representative of the Czech Development Agency. The Capacity Building project from the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices, aimed at involving member companies in development cooperation, was supported by a grant from the Czech Development Agency. The objective of the CzDA project is to strengthen the capacities of non-state platforms for development cooperation.

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The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices (AVDZP) has built on an initial successful project aimed at strengthening capacities for involvement in development cooperation, thanks to which it has strengthened its expert capacities in this field and now operates as a functional platform for medical device manufacturers, sharing experience and know-how. As part of the project, the Association created an electronic catalogue called Czech Healthcare Solutions that offers a comprehensive solution for furnishing hospital wards, and other thematically focused brochures offering innovative products for healthcare provision in particular in the developing world.

“As part of an ongoing project commenced last year, and in addition to a series of activities aimed at further strengthening the platform’s capacities, the Association set the goal of creating a comprehensive offer of healthcare products and technologies in the form of a virtual 3D hospital. Comprehensive solutions are now required from suppliers in international development cooperation and these, together with a unified marketing presentation, are the basic prerequisite for success in development cooperation abroad. A comprehensive solution offer can also significantly help companies to deepen commercial cooperation in foreign markets, and facilitate their penetration of new markets abroad,” explains Darina Vlčková from the Czech Development Agency.

CzDA supports unique 3D hospital project image 32

A series of AVDZP member companies were involved in the project and, together, they successfully implemented a unique offer of a comprehensive solution in healthcare provision and the supply of healthcare products, technologies and services in the form of a virtual 3D hospital. This is a unique method, presenting an offer of products over a total of eight floors and eighteen hospital wards. Linet – a leading international manufacturer of hospital beds, exporting to over 100 countries all over the world – is an important part of this.

“I am extremely glad that we have succeeded in creating a unique, comprehensive presentation of the capabilities of the Czech healthcare industry. The Czech Republic should profile itself as a country capable of offering healthcare technologies. We are becoming a trusted partner for the supply of whole complexes for the developing world and elsewhere, and I consider this a great success,” said Petr Foit, sales director at Linet. His words were supplemented by Jana Vykoukalová, chairperson of the AVDZP board of directors: “I am delighted to see that the 3D hospital is getting positive feedback and enabling AVDZP companies to offer their latest products and advanced technologies in the individual wards – at the same time creating a unique presentation of the offer from the Czech innovative healthcare industry and healthcare services, primarily for the developing world”.

CzDA supports unique 3D hospital project image 33

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Tlapa also participated in the actual presentation of this innovative project and, in his introduction, emphasised in particular the importance of the 3D hospital as a comprehensive, modern and attractive solution through which member companies will now have a joint presence on foreign markets. AVDZP chairperson Jana Vykoukalová also welcomed the guests, emphasising the importance of the project from the perspective of at least three beneficial effects – the creation of a functional platform for healthcare device and technology manufacturers and their involvement in development cooperation; the creation of possibilities for establishing longer-term commercial cooperation in specific developing countries; and the presentation of the Czech Republic as a state capable of offering developing countries comprehensive healthcare solutions. The head of the grant team at the Czech Development Agency, Darina Vlčková, presented the main goals of the grant programme as strengthening the capacities of non-state platforms for development cooperation.

It is precisely thanks to the CzDA grant, intended to strengthen the capacities of non-state platforms for development cooperation, that this project could be implemented. Petr Foit, member of the AVDZP board of directors and sales director for exports at Linet, a participating company, then continued with the presentation of the actual implementation and use of the solution, and this was supplemented with practical knowledge from representatives of some of the companies whose products and solutions are included in the 3D hospital – MZ Liberec, Bloc CS, Profil nábytek and TSE. During the following lively discussion, Rudolf Klepáček, director of the Export Support Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Deputy Minister of Health Radek Policar were among those who praised the project.

The complete 3D hospital offer is available here:

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