Lately, some would even go as far as to suggest that there is an overflow of statistics and data about Covid-19, but thanks to the Mobilní Rozhlas tool, it is now possible to find specific data about any location in the country. Thanks to the artificial intelligence developed by the Mama AI company, it is now possible to obtain data from 1743 local governments with daily updates. Whether you live inside or outside the Czech Republic, the app allows you to search for the local government of your choice and see how the statistics evolve on a daily basis. This covid report takes both the data collected from the local government itself, as well as data collected from the surroundingContinue Reading

Although vaccination has begun across most of the EU on the same day, countries within it are far apart in the percentages of vaccinated people in them. Since vaccination started on December 27th 2020, Czechia managed to organize the full vaccination of 42.5 percent of its population, which amounts to about 4.5 million people. That means that Czechia is currently 18th out of the 27 members of the European Union in vaccination, and our numbers are below average. Nevertheless, we are far above the world vaccination average which stands at 13.7 percent. Within the EU, Malta has a lead in the Union’s vaccination statistics with 82.6 percent vaccinated and 88.2 percent with at least one dose. This lead is understandableContinue Reading

The beekeepers have reported on the last year’s harvest and it is not good news. According to Dalibor Titěra from the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, last year’s honey harvest was the worst in 50 years. This should result in an average price of honey between 190 and 200 crowns per kilogram. “Anything above that is overpriced” warned the expert. Titěra also shared that the price has risen by about 70 crowns in the last decade. However, this years harvest is reportedly looking a little better so far. Furthermore, the expert also warned that such high prices of honey might incentivize retailers to offer their customers diluted honey or completely fake honey. These substances are usually low quality sirups whichContinue Reading

All the foraging enthusiasts in Czech republic are likely very busy, as the mushroom picking season is now in full swing. While the frequent rains trouble landowners, foragers are very happy about them, as they lead to baskets full of delicious Czech mushrooms. However, some baskets, especially those belonging to less experienced mushroom pickers, might contain poisonous mushrooms. It is still common knowledge that some mushrooms are poisonous, but only some individuals have retained the folk knowledge about which species are edible. Despite this, many still go to the woods to obtain some free food and some do this without doing the necessary research. An example of this is yesterday’s poisoning of three individuals near Hradec Králové, reportedly caused byContinue Reading

Both the Czech Food Inspection and the State Institute for Drug Control have reportedly started investigating a Czech online shop, which offers food supplements meant to ”detoxify the body, ridding of toxic substances and nanobots” after covid-19 vaccination to their customers. This package deal made up of 5 otherwise common food supplements claims that it will rid the body of its user of the vaccine, and even claims that research has been done to support this statement. The description of the product also advises its customers to pair this fake medication with a week long ‘water cleanse’ to repair ‘damaged DNA’ and eliminate ‘foreign mRNA’. Despite all these claims, actual experts easily agree that all this marketing contains made upContinue Reading

Unfortunately, the first case of the delta plus variant of covid-19 has been confirmed in the Czech Republic. It has been confirmed in a 30 year-old female patient from southern Moravia. The delta plus variant is a direct descendant of the delta variant, previously known as the Indian variant. Earlier in the pandemic, variants named after their country of origin were renamed after letters of the Greek alphabet, supposedly to decrease the negative impact on the countries mentioned in the previous names. Although the new variant, which has been mainly spreading in Portugal and Poland, has a “plus” in its name, it is still unclear whether it is more infectious or if the disease caused by the virus is aContinue Reading

According to members of the political coalition SPOLU, there are 600,000 citizens over 60 in the Czech Republic, who are in great danger unless they get vaccinated. Now, many of them are not vaccinated, and once the summer heat is gone and the covid-19 virus becomes stronger, their unwillingness to vaccinate could put them at a serious risk of ending up in the ICUs of Czech hospitals. As a part of the opposition, the SPOLU coalition is pushing for a statement from the Ministry of Health, regarding their plans for solving this issue and preventing another tragic winter. They also offered a solution of their own. Their proposal suggests that GPs should be financially motivated to persuade their patients toContinue Reading

Technology has changed the world in so many ways and today we’re going to dive into how technological advances have changed (and improved) the healthcare industry for nurses. Monitoring vitals on the go The role of a nurse is fast paced and very hands on – often requiring you to be in a million places all at once. Wireless monitoring technology help nurses keep an eye on all their patients, even when not by their bedside. This means that there is more opportunity for nurses to prioritize patients that need extra support. They can monitor vitals while on the move from one ward to another, and head back to patients in need at the first sign that something is wrong.Continue Reading

Today, at the meeting of the health committee of the Czech Parliament, MP Dr. Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS) has voiced his concerns regarding the lack of preparation for vaccinating children over the age of 6 in Czechia. While the responsible EU institutions have not greenlighted any of the available vaccines for this purpose, it is MP Dr. Svoboda expects that they will do so very soon. This expectation could be supported by the fact that the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine has been recently allowed by the EU for the vaccination of children over 12. MPs of the opposition were particularly concerned about the lack of a public health campaign, despite the fact that children can already be vaccinated. With how the government handledContinue Reading

Experts are warning that tick activity is on level 5 out of 5. These parasitic arachnids are known for plaguing explorers of Czech nature every year. Now they are in their prime due to the right humidity and temperature and thus, walks in nature without the use of protective sprays and ideally also long trousers are strongly advised against. It is also safer to move on designated paths, where the grass isn’t too tall. Finally, in case any ticks still manage to cling onto tourists, it is best for them to inspect their whole body upon return home very carefully and remove any parasitic passengers as soon as possible. The removal of a tick requires the correct method, to preventContinue Reading