As the summer is now long gone and fall is in full swing, the Flu season has slowly started, and with it a wave of fear among Czechs, who cannot distinguish between covid-19 and a regular flu. Since the symptoms of these diseases overlap a lot, it is understandable that a person with a flu would not want to risk going into public spaces, as no one wants to infect others with covid-19. The only current solution to this seems to be taking a covid test, but it is questionable whether the supply of these tests will hold up to the rising demand. Some people also choose to visit their GP’s instead of taking a test at home, especial parents,Continue Reading

The registrations for the third shot officially started. On Monday, 90 paramedics from the University Hospital Motol already received the additional shot. As of September 20th, all those, who got their second covid vaccine at least eight months ago, will get an informative text message that advises them to register for another vaccination. Just as The Prague Monitor has previously reported, the third shot should help to build a stronger immunity against covid-19. As everyone can notice, the cold weather is naturally approaching, which makes it even more relevant to guard one’s organism from the possibility of catching an unwanted disease. The additional jab is primarily recommended to severely ill patients with serious immune system disorders, oncologic patients and thoseContinue Reading

During the NATO days in Mošnov, near Nový Jičín, the Chief of General Staff of the Czech Army Aleš Opata has shared that more than 85% of the soldiers employed in the Czech army have already been vaccinated. Furthermore, only a few individuals are reportedly currently infected with covid-19 or in quarantine. For reference, there are about 25,000 professional soldiers in the Czech Republic. Most serve directly within the army, others serve under the Military Police or Military Intelligence. “We have units that are over 90 percent inoculated. Vaccination in the military was key to us. By having vaccinated soldiers and the system we have adopted to prevent infection, we allowed ourselves to go back to training and many otherContinue Reading

Many people overlook their financial health but looking after your finances is just as important as looking after your mind and body. Poor financial health can cause huge amounts of stress, and this will affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. Fortunately, there are plenty of straightforward ways to improve your money management. Here are tips to improve your financial health today: Follow the 50/30/20 rule Many financial experts recommend that the 50/30/20 rule is the best way to manage your budget, maximize your savings, and achieve your financial goals. The rule states that you should spend 50% of your after-tax salary on essentials like rent or mortgage repayments, 30% on things that you want but don’t need, e.g., vacations orContinue Reading

A healthy diet that is filled of fresh fruit and vegetables has been proven to provide long-term health benefits. A nutritious diet will keep your body healthy and help to prevent chronic conditions like high blood pressure and type two diabetes. Changing your diet can be a challenge, but simple changes to your eating habits can make a big difference. Here are simple tips to make your diet healthy and improve your nutrition: Eat more fruit and vegetables Fruit and vegetables contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. They are also an excellent source of fiber, which will help you maintain a healthy gut and avoid digestive issues like constipation. InContinue Reading

Ever since the pandemic has started, many viewed a vaccine as the ultimate solution to the problem. Vaccines have been humanity’s greatest tool for fighting viruses for some time now, so it only made sense that it would also be the demise of this one. However, as patient numbers soar despite the fact that many are now vaccinated, the foundations of this argument are shaking. This makes much of the general public wonder whether vaccination is really needed, when it does not bring the desired results. This mistrust is even furthered by the fact that some experts, perhaps in the effort to increase their fame, intentionally or not,  publicly present arguments that do not follow the general consensus of theContinue Reading

The Czech Republic has a steadily increasing number of diseases connected to the cardiovascular system. As cardiologists claim, there are over 300 000 patients diagnosed with chronic heart failure. 40 000 new cases appear annually. The most important thing to do in order to prevent a suffering patient from a lethal end is to detect the condition on time. That is the reason why the medics from Homolka hospital, IKEM and the University Hospital Brno are working on the development of a new project. Its main objective is to improve the diagnosis of heart failures. This modern treatment should be able to stabilize the heart and consequently prolong the life of the particular patient. Heart failure habitually happens to patientsContinue Reading

Unfortunately, it seems that a new covid-19 variant, which seems to be resisting the vaccines the best out of all so far discovered vaccines, is on the rise. The World Health Organisation started investigating the Mu variant of the virus, named after the corresponding letter in the Greek alphabet, which has recently spread throughout Ecuador and Colombia. 39% of new cases of covid-19 in Colombia and 13% of new cases in Ecuador are connected to the Mu variant. While that is just 0.1% of all cases worldwide, the spread of this to an extent vaccination resistant variant could completely turn the tide of the pandemic. Among many others, this could be very unfortunate for Czech elementary, middle and high schoolContinue Reading

The Czech government, like many other countries, has recently been considering the question of a third round vaccination. On this topic, there are several pros and cons. Some specialists have expressed their point of view that rather than initiating further vaccination in well-developed states, such countries should provide the substances to the parts of the world with a very low percentage of vaccinated population in order to draw closer to achieving international covid-19 immunization. While other experts are pointing in the direction of the decreasing levels of antibodies in the organisms of individuals categorized as the risky group and strongly recommend to vaccinate such people for the third time the sooner the better. The Czech Ministry of Health has alsoContinue Reading

As we all know, each dose of covid-19 vaccine has an expiration date, after which it cannot be used on patients anymore. Because of that, many substances that can prevent people from catching the virus end up untouched in the disposal of medical centers. Since doctors could no longer stand by just watching so many vaccines go to waste, they came up with an idea that helps utilize as many vaccine doses as possible. They created a project called Save the vaccines. These medics offer over 2 500 doses that are nearing their expiration date and that can be given straight away to anyone who wants. Plenty of Czech medics from all over the country upload to a website howContinue Reading