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How to Help Your Pets Survive the Hot Summer in 2023?

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Summer and the gradual rise in temperature bring risks not only for residents of big cities, but also for their four-legged friends. In this regard, the State Veterinary Service has issued recommendations that owners of dogs and other pets should follow to ensure their comfort in hot weather.


Animals, especially dogs, are at risk of overheating, dehydration and paw burns in the city in summer. On summer days, dog owners should avoid walking during the hottest times, around noon, and should take longer walks either in the morning or evening when temperatures are lower. 


“It is important that pets have plenty of water, as well as the ability to hide from direct sunlight in a place where the temperature will be right for them,” said State Veterinary Service spokesman Peter Meyer. 


It’s best to avoid walking on asphalt and paving stones entirely, as they often heat up to high temperatures, especially in cities, and dogs can get paw burns. 


“When you need to walk your dog during the day, it’s ideal to avoid such hot surfaces and walk your dogs on the grass. You can keep your pet safe by wearing special paw guards,” Meyer adds. 


 In case of overheating, you should seek veterinary help


The heat causes dehydration. Just like humans, animals need access to fresh water on hot summer days. Whether an animal is overheated can be understood by rapid breathing, drowsiness and lethargy. 


“In such a case, first aid should be given by cooling the animal with room temperature water and placing the pet in the shade. Provide it with enough water and seek help from your veterinarian,” adds Petr Vorlicek, a veterinary service representative.


Zuzana Poleshovska, Mischa’s dog owner, lives in downtown Prague, but regularly walks her dog on the island of Štvanice. “It’s especially great to walk in the summer. Mischa spends most of his walks by the Vltava river, and he cools off there as well. I just make sure he doesn’t bite any stray nutria,” she said. – When it’s very hot, I walk him either in the morning or in the evening; he doesn’t feel comfortable outside in the daytime. In hot weather I leave a wet towel on the bathroom floor so the dog can cool off. Of course, we give him a lot of water,” adds Zuzana. 


It’s not just dogs who are at risk of overheating


Cat owners have it a little easier. “Our Matushek lays down on the cold tile in the bathroom when it’s hot outside. In the summer we also change his water four times a day so it’s always fresh,” says student Zuzka Shlekhtova about her cat. 



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