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Mushroom picking season

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All the foraging enthusiasts in Czech republic are likely very busy, as the mushroom picking season is now in full swing. While the frequent rains trouble landowners, foragers are very happy about them, as they lead to baskets full of delicious Czech mushrooms. However, some baskets, especially those belonging to less experienced mushroom pickers, might contain poisonous mushrooms. It is still common knowledge that some mushrooms are poisonous, but only some individuals have retained the folk knowledge about which species are edible. Despite this, many still go to the woods to obtain some free food and some do this without doing the necessary research. An example of this is yesterday’s poisoning of three individuals near Hradec Králové, reportedly caused by a Czech meal called “Smaženice” containing fried panther caps. Most mushroom poisonings end with just stomach aches and other digestive problems, but some can even lead to death. Furthermore, some inexperienced foragers can get symptoms of poisoning from eating just safe mushrooms, but being so unsure about it that they develop psychological symptoms. Thus it is recommended that people new to this summer past-time enjoy it with the company of an experienced friend or family member.

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