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Czechia behind in vaccination

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Although vaccination has begun across most of the EU on the same day, countries within it are far apart in the percentages of vaccinated people in them. Since vaccination started on December 27th 2020, Czechia managed to organize the full vaccination of 42.5 percent of its population, which amounts to about 4.5 million people. That means that Czechia is currently 18th out of the 27 members of the European Union in vaccination, and our numbers are below average. Nevertheless, we are far above the world vaccination average which stands at 13.7 percent. Within the EU, Malta has a lead in the Union’s vaccination statistics with 82.6 percent vaccinated and 88.2 percent with at least one dose. This lead is understandable as Malta is a small country where organization of vaccination is a bit simpler. However, the 2nd best country in the EU is Hungary, which is a member of the Visegrád Group, a group made up by Czechia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Countries within this group often get compared to each other, so some are saddened that we are so far behind Hungary. Poland also has better vaccination numbers, but Slovakia has the least vaccinated population out of the four.

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