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More children diagnosed with diabetes

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In Czechia, the number of underaged patients, who are annually diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type II is increasing. Doctors have discovered 3800 new diabetes cases just throughout last year. Several insurance companies confirmed that based on the collected data, the disease is spreading amongst children and adolescents at a very high pace. The main factors that contribute to the development of diabetes at such a young age are primarily lack of movement, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits and high level of stress. Individuals dealing with diabetes are usually enrolled in institutions, where professionals help them get their condition under control, keep them active and improve their lifestyle in general. Moreover, the pandemic situation did not exactly help children struggling with one of the previously mentioned deprivations or directly with diabetes. Actually, on the contrary. The situation of many patients worsened during the covid outbreak. For some children, who were used to following a strict plan, it became a challenge to stick to exercising and eating healthy meals without anyone watching over them. For other patients, who were already close to developing diabetes, the restriction of sports was crucial. That is why more children had to return to diabetes resorts and also more newcomers joined the health programs over the past months.

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