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Trying to avoid wasting of vaccines

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As we all know, each dose of covid-19 vaccine has an expiration date, after which it cannot be used on patients anymore. Because of that, many substances that can prevent people from catching the virus end up untouched in the disposal of medical centers. Since doctors could no longer stand by just watching so many vaccines go to waste, they came up with an idea that helps utilize as many vaccine doses as possible. They created a project called Save the vaccines. These medics offer over 2 500 doses that are nearing their expiration date and that can be given straight away to anyone who wants. Plenty of Czech medics from all over the country upload to a website how many spare shots of covid vaccine they currently have at their practices and people are more than welcome to register for an immediate vaccination. According to medical practitioners, this system has caught on pretty quickly, especially amongst the younger population. It is beneficial for both sides – the patients receive their covid shots much sooner than with a regular registration and the doctors distribute way more vaccines than before the project was developed. Back then, they were obligated to make individual calls and offer the unused vaccines which made their jobs somewhat more difficult. Over a hundred doses of covid-19 vaccines were saved by this program. 

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