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Salmonella-Infected Chicken Was Found in Czech Tesco Supermarket 

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The State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority (SZPI) has issued a warning regarding unsafe chicken meat linked to the Tesco chain. Chicken breast products, originating from Ukraine but packaged in Slovakia, were found to be contaminated with the salmonella infantis bacterium, a known cause of salmonellosis. Although this tainted meat, discovered in a Most store, is no longer available for sale due to its expiration on July 26, 2023, SZPI strongly advises consumers who might possess the frozen product at home not to consume it, as freezing does not significantly impact bacterial contamination. Marek Bartík, representing SZPI, delivered this cautionary message.

Specifically labeled as “Tesco Chicken Breast Cutlet,” lot: 23293102, the meat was raised and processed in Ukraine, then packaged by WE Trade in Horné Saliby, Slovakia. The detection of this unsafe food was officially reported by inspectors through the European Rapid Alert System for Food (RASFF).

SZPI obtained the sample as part of a preplanned emergency microbiological inspection. In response, SZPI has initiated administrative proceedings against the store operator, pursuing a fine.

In a similar instance back in July, SZPI highlighted two batches of chicken without offal sourced from Ukraine, which were discovered in JIP East Bohemia stores located in České Budějovice and Harrachov. Those samples also exhibited the presence of salmonella.



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