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Time for a 3rd dose

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With Israel and Hungary already starting to distribute the 3rd dose of the vaccine, some are slowly beginning to ask whether the same will happen in Czechia. A recently released analysis of antibodies in 627 Czech pensioners has revealed that many might be in danger again if they do not receive a 3rd dose. The company Podané Ruce has announced that it has tested the blood samples of these senior citizens in two different ways, to provide the most accurate results. The results of this analysis suggest that over 60% of samples had dangerously low levels of covid-19 antibodies, as if they were never vaccinated. The antibody levels apparently decreased with various speeds. They decreased fastest in the oldest individuals, who never contracted the disease and had an AstraZeneca vaccine. Especially the age factor should come as a warning sign to all social services facilities, which provide care to the elderly. The study has concluded that in many pensioners, all protection from the virus could be gone as early as after just four months. With most elderly being vaccinated in the first wave of vaccination in the winter, a majority of them is now unprotected. It has been clear that this will eventually happen from the start, since the virus closely resembles other infectious agents which we have to be vaccinated against annually, such as the flu. Hopefully the government has a plan in store for making sure that those in desperate need of the third dose get a priority over young individuals who did not get the vaccine at all.   

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