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The tool you need to have to know about the Czech Republic’s covid data

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Lately, some would even go as far as to suggest that there is an overflow of statistics and data about Covid-19, but thanks to the Mobilní Rozhlas tool, it is now possible to find specific data about any location in the country. Thanks to the artificial intelligence developed by the Mama AI company, it is now possible to obtain data from 1743 local governments with daily updates. Whether you live inside or outside the Czech Republic, the app allows you to search for the local government of your choice and see how the statistics evolve on a daily basis. This covid report takes both the data collected from the local government itself, as well as data collected from the surrounding area into account. It also covers the country’s major cities. To find the information about your selected locality, you must first visit the website where the reports are generated: Once there, you can search for the city or town you want to know about. Once the location has been selected, there are multiple ways in which this tool offers various data points. The percentage of citizens vaccinated with the first dose, the vaccinations that have been completed in the citizens of the district, the new cases or even the place that the locality occupies in the national order of worst struck regions are just some of them. Additionally, graphs are also displayed. They compare the situation of the selected place with its surroundings and provide visual information about the rest of the territories in the country in a very intuitive way.

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